In this Song of Magic, we find Virtue and Vice locked in eternal combat, with Virtue winning at the end !

O Primal Power, Conferror of Ambrosia
Bless us with Grace entire
May I dance like a peacock before Thee
Before Thy sanctrum sanctorum !
The eightfold Ragas
Are Thy veins, O Music Personified !
Give me those
Flow to my mind
As a rare Raga !
And move the feet bells !

I came in search of thee
In search of Eros
Please cover me with flower arrows
O Love Masculine !

O Magician ! O Danseuse of Illusion
I am thy Cupid !

O Icons of Purusha & Prakriti
Wearers of Crescent !
Dance Thy Cosmic Dance
Let all witness Thy Dance

O Tutelary Deity
From Thy Third Eye
Send missiles of fire !
Cover with fire the feet of these danseuses !

O Deity of Rains, Varuna
Black clouds are Thy vehicles !
Flow as heavenly Ganges
To destroy this fire !

O Mother of the Universe
O Tutelary Deity
Send Trishuls , tridents
Which adorn Thy hands divine !

O Thou who love to wear the Crescent
Make these danseuses
Like Urvashi & Menaka
The Celestial Dancers !

O Daughter of Heaven
O Thou with Beauteous Limbs
In the artistic Workshop of Creation
Dance Thy Dance of Destruction !