I was wondering where I have heard Kallil kocthi vacha kavite ( Poetry sculptured in Stone ), a phrase which was featured in the Siva Sundar video..

Here is the song

                                                                              The Liberation of Ahalya
Seetha Devi married
Lord Rama of Treta Yuga
Once He touched a stone
Which transformed into an Enchantress !
Purposely was it done by Him
To liberate beauteous Ahalya !

I am afraid
Why ?
Ahalya was the better half of Gautama
She was turned into a stone
By her husband's curse
Who suspected her of infidelity
That curse was neutrallised later
When Lord Rama touched her with His Foot
Some sculptor once made
This mesmerising starue
Did she resurrect when touched
Or did thy dreams actualise ?

O Poetry sculptured in stone
How did thy feet bells ring ?
Thy chest vibrant with emotion
How didst thou achieve comeliness ?

O Beauty who came in a flower body
Will not thee envelop me with raptures ?
O thou who arouse passions erotic
Is not thy magic wand meant for me?