The Birthday of the Lord , Ashtami Rohini

Today ( 05/09/2015 ) is the coincidence of the 8th Lunation ( Moon in between 7*12 and 8*12 degrees from the Sun ) and Moon tenanting the asterism of Rohini and widely celebrated by all Eternians as Ashtami Rohini, the Birthday of the Lord !


The gods and goddesses of Mythology are the archetypal patterns of the Unconscious Mind, according to Analytical Psychology.  Different qualities or archetypes  in humans are represented by various Deities. And the Emblem of Universal Love is Lord Krishna !

According to Hillman

Mythology is nothing but Psychology in ancient dress

Psychology is nothing but Mythology in modern dress.

In Bhakti Yoga, a human form ( anthropomorphisation ) has been given to the Absolute Self and let us arouse Him from His Divine Slumber !


Arise O Guru of the Universe
And do Thy Work of Granting Bliss
Thirunidrayil ninnunaroo samodam
Guruvayurappa ! tava Suprabhatam !
( Arise from Thy Sleep of Superconscience
To Thee our morning salutation ! )

As Self Actualisation ( known as wearing the Divine Crown ) is the Goal of Life, let us concentrate on the Esoteric ( Philosophic ) aspect.

Lord Krishna is the symbol of the Absolute Self within us and Arjuna, Prajna, the discriminative intellect.


He declares in the Gita that He is the Almighty Self in all, Kshetrajnam chapi mam viddhi Sarva Kshetreshu Bharata !

The body is the Field and Self is the Knower of the Field. He is the Self in all, residing in the Sky of Consciousness of the Heart, Sarvasys cha Aham Hridi !

The greatest Knowledge is the knowledge of the Knower of the Field, the Self. Kshetra Kshetrjanyor Jnanam Yattat Jnanam matam Mama.

This transcendental Knowledge had been highlighted by the Seer Poets, Risheebhir Bhahutha Geetam. Also in all Vedic Mantras. Also in the Prasthana Traya - the Gita, the Brahma Sutras and Upanishads.

Risheebhir Bhahuta Geetam
Chandobhir vividhai Prathak
Brahma Sutra Padaschaiva
Hetu mat bhir vinischitai

Let Him grant us Eternal Bliss !

May my feet movements become Pradakshina
May my body be a Sreekovil
May sorrows be the flowers offered in Puja
May words become mantras !

May sleeps become Meditation
May rice be Naivedyam
May my efforts be Sadhana
And may my Life become whole !