Buddha Poornima                                                                                      \\


Buddha Poornima is called Vesak, because it happens on the Full Moon Day of Vaishakha, the second lunar month in the Hindu Lunar Calendar. One of the greatest philosophers ( according to Russell ) was born on this day ! Sir Edwin Arnold called Him the Light of Asia !


Poornima or Full Moon happens when the Moon is 180 degrees away from the Sun, astronomically.



Asita, the Sage, saw the formidable four planet configuration in Aries and told King Shuddodana. The Sun, the Atma Karaka, exalted in Aries, Cancer rising, indicating the Descent of the Avatar !

From thy royal root
A Heavenly Lotus springs !

The noble Indians revere Him as an incarnation of the Lord !

Thou manifested as Buddha
The Enlightened One
In the Symbolic Ten Incarnations
This was Thy Ninth Incarnation
This Symblic Theory
Depicts  Evolution
The Evolution of Consciousness
As well the Evolution of the Species !

Nindasi yajna-vidher 
Ahaha shruti-jatam
Sadaya-hrdaya darsita-pasu-ghatham
Keshava dhruta-buddha-sarira
Jaya jagadisa hare

Buddha differred  from the conservative Faith philosophers and asserted that Man can be saved by the Fourfold Path

1) Sorrow

2) Sorrow's Cause

3) Sorrow's Ceasing

4) Nirvana or Enlightenment


As Liberation is possible only through intuitive Gnosis, he encouraged Meditation

The First Truth is of Sorrow, be not mocked
The Life that ye prize is a long drawn agony
Only its pains abide, its pleasures are like
Like the birds which stay and fly !


Ask thee of the mourners, the sick, ask of him
Who tottereth on his staff, lorn and forlorn
Liketh thee Life, these say the babe is wise
That weepeth being born !

The second is Sorrow's Cause
Which grief springs of itself and not from desire?
Senses and things perceived mingle and light
Passion's quick spark of fire !

Buddha became a medicant and renounced worldly life. The King was shocked to see him sitting beneath a tree and said

Thy royal race counteth a thousand thrones !


Buddha's reply was classic

Not of a mortal strain
But of descent invisible
Of the Buddhas that have come and shall come
Of these am I
And what they did, I do
By love and self control being more
Than the mightiest Kings in all their puissance !

- Sir Edwin Arnold, the Light of Asia


Buddhist Pilgrim Centers 


Bodhi Gaya in India. One of the best Buddhist pilgrim centers. In Bihar and 10 kms away from the Holy City of Varanasi. It is said that Buddha got Enlightenment at this place.

Sarnath in India, in Uttar Pradesh. 10 kms from the Sacred City of Varanasi. Lord Buddha preached his first sermon here.

Raigir in India, in Southern Bihar. 74 kms from Bodh Gaya. Lord Buddha spent 12 years in Raigir.

Kaushambi, in India. in Uttar Pradesh. 50 kms from Allahabad. Lord Buddha visited this place twice after His enlightenment.

Sravashti, in India, in U P. Lord Buddha spent 24 years here.

Vaishali, in India, in Bihar. 55 kms from Patna. Lord Buddha preached His last sermon here.

Nalanda, in India, in South Bihar. World famous Center of Learning for Buddhists.

Dhamasala, in India, in Himachal Pradesh. The Home of the Dalai Lama.