Free Classifieds



Wants a 1 BD Flat in Guruvayur. Budget 15 lk.

Wants a 2 BD Flat in Guruvayur.





12.5 cents @7.5 lk per cent at Tiru Venkitam, Gvr.  

 40 cents with house @ 3.5 lk 1 km from Trichur Kunnamkulam Road at Kunnamkulam, Kanippayyur.,


22 cents near Guruvayur Rly Station, 1 km from Gvr Temple. 6.5 lk per cent


At Chovallurpadi. Medical Shop For Sale . 15 lk. Licence and all medicines given free.

40 cents  @11 lk per cent,   at Mammiyur for sale . Contact