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Ekadasi means the Eleventh Lunation, when the Moon is in between 120 and 132 degrees from the Sun, The Ekadasi in the sidereal month of Sagittarius ( Dhanu or Margazhi ) is very important for Vaishnavites. This Ekadasi is celebrated in Nelluvai, Padmanabha Swamy, Tiruvambadi, Tirupati and Ranganatha Temples.In all  Lord Vishnu temples , the Heavenly Gate ( Vaikunta Dwaram ) is opened on this day. 


guruvayur4u, guruvayur, guruvayur temple,vaikunta ekadasi


Actually I am Thee
For me, no death or bondage
As all this is mirrored
In Mind Universal !
Like dream to a dreamer
Relative truths all
So is this life great
In Transcendence !

Padma Purana, one of the 18 mytholgical treatises, state that Lord Vishnu, symbolic of the Absolute Self,  took the form of Female Energy ( Ekadasi ) to kill the Emblem of Ego, Muran. He was impressed by this Female Energy and told her that whoever worships him on this day will reach Heaven.

guruvayur4u, guruvayur, guruvayur temple, tirupati


Devotees fast on this day and vigilance is exercise whole night. Meditation and Gayatri Japa is resorted to. This Ekadasi is considered the most important amongst the 24 Ekadasis or Eleventh Lunations occurring. 

guruvayur4u, guruvayur, guruvayur temple, kala kreeda


guruvayur4u, guruvayur, guruvayur temple,



Other Ekadasis like Triprayar Ekadasi was on Nov 18th,  on the 11th Lunation day in Waning Moon, Krishna Paksha & Guruvayur Ekadasi was on Dec 2nd , on the 11th Lunation in Waxing Moon, Shukla Paksha.

To me everything is Thee
Everything Thou art, O Lord !

Ellam Neeye Shoure
Enikkellam Neeye Krishna Murare !

Thou art the Father
Thou art the Mother
Thou art the Relative
In all births !
Everything proceeds
According to Thy Will !

Thou art Formless
At the same time, with Form !
The Eternal Changeless Thou art
The First Cause of all causes

Thou art Brahman, Thou art Being
Thou art the Witness of all states
Thou art the Refuge
Of all beings !