Guru Poornima


Today, the Sun in Cancer, Kataka, opposes the Moon at 180 degrees ( Moon in Utharashada ) and is widely celebrated as the Full Moon Day of the Guru, Guru Poornima.

Guru is the dispeller of the darkness of Ignorance.

Gukaro Andhakarascha
Rukaro Thannivarana

Another definition of the Guru is

Girathi Ajnanam
Athava Ghrinathi Jnanam sa Guru

Self Actualisation son, agri prosperity
Education and wealth
All can be received
By the Grace of the Guru !
Swargo  Dhanam va Dhanyam va
Vidya Putra Sukhani cha
Na Kinchit apii Durlabham ?


It is said that
A man can be whole
Only by the Grace of the Guru !
Guror Anugrahaneva
Puman Poorna Prashantaye

In India, the Guru Tradition starts from Lord Narayana, with Sree Sankara at the middle and it is an eternal Tradition !

Narayana Samarambham
Sree Sukacharya Madhyamam
Sankaracharya Paryantham
Vande Guru Paramparam



We bow down to the Lord, whose Logos or Mind is all this and Who Breathes out the Veda !
Yasya Nisvasitham Veda
Yo Vedemyokhilam Jagat
Nirmamethaham Vande
Vidya Theertha Maheswaram
We bown down to Bhagavan Sankara, who taught us about the Eternal Sciences.


Shruthi Smriti Purananam
Aalayam Karunalayam
Namami Bhagavat Padam
Sankaram Loka Sankaram

We bow down to Sri Aurobindo, who gave us the Wisdom of Integral Yoga, to Mahesh Yogi who gave us the Science of Creative Intelligence and to Bhagavan Baba, who taught us the Wisdom of Universal Love and to all Rishies, Yogis and Saints !

Bhakti & Vibhakti, Love & Intellectual Love

This is very controversial. I had an argument with my Nationalist friend. He supported Bhakti, while I supported Vibhakti. He said the Lord loves Bhakti more than VIbhakti. He cited the instance of the Malayalam poet, Poonthanam receiving more Grace than the Vibhakti, Sanskrit poet, Melpathur. He said Melpathur was an egotist and Poonthanam was humble ! I did not argue much with him, as he is a layman, who does not know the higher reaches of Science and Philosophy !

This is actually a sorry state in Kerala and India. True Science ( Vaisesika ) and Philosophy ( Vedanta ) are suppressed by people who do not know them ! Also explains why India went through Black Holes of spiritual stagnation after the exit of Aurobindo, Vivekananda et al.

We call upon the Nationalist Govt to invest more in Education and R&D. ( Technology cometh only from R&D. Intellectual acumen cometh from Education ). Only then can India's potential be actualised !