Intellectual Mysticism or Vibhakthi   By 



Intellectual Love or Amor Intellectualis is said to be the greatest quality.
This quality is called Vibhakthi in Sanskrit. The mysticism which deals
with Vibhakti is called Intellectual  Mysticism.

We find many parallels in Walt Whitman and the poet Melpathur ( of
Narayaneeyam fame ).

Vibhakti is Vedantic bhakti. The poet Melpathur was a great scholar in all
the twelve sciences  of Wisdom and he was a made poet like Milton. He
had lived laborious days in  mastering the twelve positive sciences - six
auxiliary and six main - and he had  consecrated himself to the Divine.
He was the Milton of India ! He was a philosopher, scholar, poet and

The Absolute Self of transcendental philosophy is the actual Godhead
and the  philosopher knows that Thee is Actual Me !

Walt Whitman said

I shrivel at the thought of Self
At Nature and Her wonders, Space, Time and Death
Then I turn to Thee, O Actual Me !
Lo Thou gently masterest the orbs
Thou matest with Time, smilest content with Death
And fillest swellest the vastnesses of Space !

Melpathur said more or the less the same thing !

In reality I am Thee
For me no bondage
Nor liberation eternal
As all this is illumined
In Universal Mind
Mind binds, Mind liberates
I see Universe thru Mind
The beginingless Nescience
Binds Soul to body
I the Self am unbound
I am that I am !
As to a man in waking
Dream appears unreal
So also is waking state
Unreal in Transcendence !

Yadartha syath thvath mayaiva hi
Mama na Vibho vastavo bandha moksho
Maya Avidya Thanubhyam
Thava hi virachitho
Swapna bodho vapau Thau !

There is a great allegorical depiction of the Vedantic Triad in Indian

A cow with three calves - the cow represents the Universal Mind ( Maya ),
the three calves are

The Relative Universe ( Jagat )
The Relative Ego ( Jiva )
The Relative Supreme ( Para )

The Triad is a projection of the Universal Mind, whose base is Absolute
Being !

O Thou with and without Thy Maya
Art known as Witness Consciousness
Thy projections Three
Are Thee in Reality !
All the forces of Nature
Dissolved in Thee at Involution
Only Thou existed then
As Supreme Consciousness Bliss !

Maya sannihito pravishta vapusha
Saksheethi geetho bhavan
Bhedestham pratibimbitho vivisivan
Jeevepi naiva para
Kalatma pratibodhita cha vigata
sanchothita cha swayam
Maya sa khalu bhuddi tatvamasruja
Dwyosau mahan uchyathe

There are three stages of Becoming

They are

The Noble End
The Middle End
The Ignoble End

The Noble End is referred to in the Sastras as Uthama Gathi. This happens
when a man, saturated with the Beyond, aware of the Great Cosmic Game,
seeks transmutation.

The Middle End is preferred by 80% of humanity. A man becomes a clerk, works
hard, becomes a manager , marries, begets children. plays with his grand
children  and then dies. This is called  Madhyama Gathi.

The Ignoble End is preferred by those who indulge in criminal acts. This is
called Adhama Gathi.  A man joins a smuggling gang, enjoys luxurious life,
takes the sword and  falls by the sword.

As we choose, the Self or the Lord shall fulfill Himself in us. If we choose
a Madhyama Gathi, it can only end in a transient perfection.

The problem with Madhyama Gathi is that it is only a temporary ego
satisfaction. It is only a transitory satisfaction and many are happy with
such an arrested status.

The pramanam ( the verse for scriptural sanction ) for the three Gathis or
the triune stages of Becoming is given in a verse by Bharthrihari.

Santhapta yasi samsthithasya payasu namapi na srooyathe
Mukthakaradaya thad eve nalini patrasthitham drishyate
Anta sagara shudhha madhya pathitham than mouktikam jayate
Prayenadhama madhyamothamajusha evam vidha vrittaya.

When a water drop falls on hot iron, it vanishes
If on lotus, it stays bright
A pearl it becomes on an oyster's shell
So is the evolutionary end of ends triune

Initiates feel the upward pull of the Mind most of the time, inspiring them
to speak and write about things celestial. The upward movement is the master
movement  of  Nature. The upward pull is that which pulls us from death to
immortality and  actualises in this mundane plane, the blissful and the
luminous Kingdom of Heaven !

These threefold Gathis or states of Becoming are classified by the Vedantic
traigunya vishaya veda ( that all Knowledge is threefold and that Nature is
made up of the triune attributes, satwas, rajas and tamas. They are the three
psychic constituents and can be called bright energy, grey energy and dark
energy, which exist in us ).

Adhama Gathi is tamas oriented. Madhyama Gathi is rajas oriented and
Uthama Gathi is satwa oriented.

The poet cries to the Lord 
As crooks are thriving and the good suffering
As Truth is failing continously
Where art Thou ?

This is in line with Jeremiah

Wherefore are they secure that deal treacherously
Disappointments all my endeavours end !

He who cries is Christ !

Lord Krishna sang in the mighty Geeta
I am born in every Aeon ( Yuga )
( Bhagavan Bhagavath Geethayil padi
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge ! )

Kunti cries before Thee
Knowing that Karna was her son !
(Karnan makanennu ariyum Kunti
Kanneeru Kudikunnu ! )

Draupadi is still praying
Where art Thou, O Lord !
( Draupadi innum prarthikunnu
Krishna ! Nee Evide ? )

The wicked always win
O Lord, where art Thou ?
(Kauravarinnum Choothe Jayippoo
Krishna ! Nee Evide ? )

Ego is still on the throne
The hero, Arjuna, is in the forest !
Truth still lies on a Bed of Arrows
O Lord, where art Thou ?

( Ahanta innum Simhasanathil
Arjunano Kattil !
Satyathininnum Sarasayya matram
Krishna ! Nee Evide ? )