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Legend has it that Lord Krishna, at the fag end of Dwapara Yuga, handed over the idol of the Supreme to Jupiter and Saturn, Guru and Vayu, the idol which was worshipped at Dwaraka.

Lord Shiva was doing penance near Rudratheertham and they installed the idol at a nearby place, and the place earned the name Guruvayur, as it was installed by Guru ( Jupiter ) and Vayu ( Saturn ). Lord Shiva along with his consort, the Divine Mother, moved away to a nearby place  and the place came to be known as Mahimayur or simply Mammiyur !

Devotees, while visiting Guruvayur Temple, nod toward North West, thereby acknowledging the Lord of Mammiyur.  Without a visit to Mammiyur, the pilgrim's visit to Mammiyur is not complete.

Mammiyur is intimately connected to Guruvayur, as the rituals and the pujas are in tune with the rituals and pujas of Guruvayur.


Says Bhagavan Sankara in Nirvana Dasakam.

Na sankhyam na saivam na thath pancha rathram,
Na jainam , na meemamskader matham vaa,
Visishtanubhoothya vishudhath maka thwath,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.  
Neither Sankhya Philosophy
Nor the philosophy of Shaiva
Nor Pancha Ratra
Nor Jain Philosophy
Nor Meemamsa great
Are experiences unique !
Absolute Truth is Self
I am That Truth Absolute
I am Shiva, I am Consciousness
What remains after Negation !

Na shuklam na krishnam na raktham na peetham,
Na peenam na kubjam na hruswam na deergam,
Na roopam thada jyothirakarakathwath,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.                   

Fairness and darkness
I am not !
Red and yellow I am not
Neither large  nor thin
Neither tall nor short
Am I !
Formless is the Self
Of the form of Light
I am Self, I am Consciousness
What remains after Negation !


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Mammiyur is just 1 km from Guruvayur and it is connected by road. From Trichur, it is 34 kms away.



The Address of the Temple

The Executive Officer
Mammiyur Devaswom
PO Guruvayur, 680101
Trichur, Kerala, India
Ph  0487 2555425