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Most of the matrimonial service providers ignore the astrological aspect. They give Chova to non Chova horoscopes, without tallying. This increases the burden of the client. On the contrary. we have differentiated horoscopes into 3 categories

Horoscope with Mars in Seventh or Eighth House , Chova 

Shuddha, horoscopes free from malefic influence

Madhya, horoscopes with half or one Dosha

and we are the only Astro Matrimonial Data Bank doing such astro service.      


We will send you appropriate horoscopes, based on the Doshas

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Ezhava Females

Y1146    Y1147    Y1148   Y1149   Y1150   Y1151   Y1152   Y1153     Y1154

Y1155   Y1156    Y1157    Y1158    Y1159    Y1160   Y1161   Y1162   Y1183   

Y1189   Y1190   Y1191   Y1192 



Ezhava Males

 Y1163 Y1164  Y1165  Y1166  Y1167  Y1168   Y1169    Y1170   Y1171  Y1207



Nair Females 

Y1172  Y1184   Y1185    Y1186   Y1187   Y1188   Y1193    Y1194   Y1195   Y1196 

Y1197    Y1198  Y1199  Y1200  Y1201   Y1202  Y1203   Y1204    Y1205      Y1206

Y1208  Y1209  Y1210   Y1211   Y1212


Nair Males

Y1173   Y1174   Y1175   Y1176   Y1177   Y1178   Y1179    Y1180  Y1181   Y1182



Other Castes 

Vishwakarma -  Goldsmith / Carpenter / Blacksmith

 Y1215  Y1216  Y1217  Y1218  Y1219  Y1220  Y1221  Y1222   Y1223

Y1224   Y1225    Y1226   Y1227   Y1228     Y1229   Y1241



Y1230    Y1231   Y1232  Y1233  Y1234  Y1235   Y1236  Y1237  Y1238

Y1239   Y1240 





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compatibility , potential brides/ bridegrooms are selected.  We have a
massive Database of more than 13000 registrations and we will  give
you the Database FREE along with the software.
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