I had put this Song before, but it was a girl singing in a TV show and hence not with original scenes. Lakshmi and Ambareesh here as actors and the great voices of Yesudas and S Janaki. Another Mal classic ! It also brings into prominence the genius of Sreekumaran Thampy ! Did not Einstein say that every man is a genius ?

The movement of the Cosmos
Is beginingless and endless
So is the Science of Musicology
Lovely to hear !

In millions of Sruthis
In millons of voices
From unknown bottoms
Musicology reigns !


This earthly note of sorrow
Is sunk in the mirage of Mind !
Ascensions are mountain peaks
Descensions are its slides
Ascensions !
Descensions !
The Thala which leads
The mighty constellations
Is alive in molecules, atoms
And is omnipresent !

There is none big or small
In this Mighty Music
The Music of Existence-Consciousness- Beatitude!
Of Sat-Chit-Ananda !