Voluptuous Vijayasree & Prem Nazeer. May their souls rest in peace. 

Known as the Marilyn Monroe of Malayalam, Vijayasree was just 21 when she died.

Who is he ?
The hero of the History of King Nala?
Or the singer of the forest, Nandana
Or the Deity of Eros, Kama Deva,
Who fills his quiver with arrows?

Is he the famous  Lord Rama,
Who broke the golden arrow,
To wed beauteous Seetha ?
Is he a celestial named Chitrangada?
Or Arjuna of Yugma Parva?
Is he Aniruddha ? Or Abhimanyu?
Or my lover, who stirred my passions
My emotions erotic ?

Is he the warrior, Chekavar ?
Or another warrior, Komathan ?
Or mighty Udayan ?
Or a great warrior unvanquished
Or young dare devil?
Or my lover, who aroused
My secret passions ?