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Have you heard of a Holy Book getting a Birth Day?  

The divine Book, Narayaneeyam, declared as the Fifth Veda, has its birthday today, on Vrischik 28 ! This was the day when the Master  Poet, Melpathur, dedicated his magnum opus to the Lord of Guruvayur ! The genius of Melpathur condensed the 18000 verses of Maha Bhagavata into 1000 odd verses in this mighty treatise of Overmind Poetry !


He liked the Universal Play to a Kathakali Drama.  

This Universal Play
Has Night as Introduction
The Sun is the Lamp
And witnesses the constellations
Percussion instruments are Karma
Songs are Vasanas
The Lord, blissful in the Bliss of Self
Plays with Himself !
Since there is none to play with
Ekam eva Adviteeyam Brahma !

Ya Kritva Vishva Rangam
Rajani Yavanikam
Projjvalal Bhanu Deepam
Shvasval Santhushta Sat Prekshaka Akhila Jagathh
Bhranti Natyam Vithanya
Karmagauchanda Mardangika laya vasagan
Vasana Gana Sakthan
Jeeva chathran Mukunda
Swayamabhi Ramathe
Kreedayan Sosthuboothai !

This poem is written in Melapthur Auditorium in Guruvayur, honoring one of the greatest  writers in Sanskrit !

  Despite his immense knowledge in the Eighteen Sciences, the poet felt humble before the Lord, as evidenced by this verse.

Yogeendranam Thadangeshvadhika sumadhuram
Mukti bhajan Nivaso
Bhaktanam Kama Varsha dvithalu Kisalayam
Natha The Pada Moolam
Nityam Chitta sthitam me Pavanupurapathe
Krishna Karunya Sindho !
Hrithva Nissesha thapan pradishtathu
Paramanand Sandhoha Laksheem

Thy Feet which is adored by Yogis
Which is capable of Salvation
The Sole Refuge for Thy devotees
Is my sole Refuge, O Beloved
Let Thy Tantalising Form
Be forever in my mind
Then only can I get the Ninth Prosperity
Kaivalya Lakshmi or Self Actualisation !


All Glory is Thine, O Lord of Universes Fourteen !

King Purooravas, noble King,
Was born in the tribe of Ila.
( Mother of Lunar Dynasty )
He fell in love with celestial nymph, Urvashi,
And indulged in pleasures sensory.

Urvashi told him about women,
That they are ruthless and cruel
And will not hesitate to assassinate
Own husband or brother.

One day, Conscience became dominant
In the King's heart !
Conscience chided him
" Thou art wasting precious time
Over pleasures transitory.
Aim of Life is to actualise Self
Beware of the loss of Ayus".

Bhogangal ellam kshana prabha chanchalam
Vegena nashtamam ayussumorka nee.

That made him come to Thy Bhakti Yoga
And actualise Thee !

Thval Bhaktim prapya poorna sukhataramachara
Thvdhva dhudhooya sangam
Bhaktotamsam kriya mam Pavanapurapathe
Pahimam Sarva Rogaal !