The Tenth Rising of the Sun, Patham Udayam




In the Tenth Degree of Aries, the Sun is in a state of deep exaltation, Athi Uccha. This day is celebrated worldwide in all Solar Temples as Patham Udayam.

While the Sun's tenancy of the 10th Degree of Aries is known as Medappathu in Malayalam, his sojourn of the Tenth Degree of Libra is also celebrated as Thulappath. In other words, when his longitude becomes 10 and 190, those days become sacred to eternians ! In the 10th degree of Libra, he is in a state of deep debilitation, Athi Neecha !

Normally Vishu season ends with Patham Udayam. Also Thula Vishu till Thulappath.

This year, Mesha Patham Udayam falls on 23 Apr and Thula Patham Udayam on Oct 26th.

On Patham Udayam Day, Keralites embark on a celebration exchanging agricultural productes, symbolising the ancient barter system. Tapioca, yam, turmeric and ginger are kept for sale. Heavy rush is witnessed in markets on that day. Also mangoes and jackfruit are in plenty. Traditonal utensils and crafts will also be on display.



To symbolise the Tenth Rising of the Sun, traditional oil lamps with ten wicks are lit in every house.



Great celebrations at Aditypuram Soorya Temple.

When Thy external Symbol, the Sun
Enters the Tenth Degree of the Zodiac
Thou art propitiated by millions
As Lord Surya Narayana !

Graharksha Tara Chakrastha
Paramanva dina Jagat
Paryethya Nimisho Vibhu