Self Actualisation

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Why Bridal Mysticism or Bhakti Yoga is prescribed  for the Iron Age or Kali Yuga?

Reduces Egoism
Intellectual Mysticism or Jnana Yoga is a difficult path to tread. There are many who study the Scriptures and without transcendental experience start movements. They may have acquired scholarship but without Prajnana or experience of Transcendence, they wont be able to teach properly. Indulgence in intellectual gymnastics and verbal dialectics are good, but they cannot impart the knowledge of Transcendence properly. Their Ego goes up as a result of admirers and fans and they are confined to the level of mere scholars.
Reduces Selfishness
Is Self Realisation possible without Bhakti Yoga or Bridal Mysticism ? No !
Is Self Actualisation a selfish desire ? A worldly layman asks the Yogi thus
While your brethren are sunk
In the quagmire of Ignorance
Ignorance of the Self Divine
Which witnesseth all !
You want the Brahma pada,
The Divine Crown !
To immerse thyself
In transcendental Bliss !
Arent thou selfish ?

So Bridal Mysticism reduces selfishness and makes man altruistic !
The Lord has declared that Bhakti Yoga is supreme
Sreyasam Bhaktimekam
Thval bhaktyananada thulyo khalu vishaya jusham sammada ke nava syal !
Thou hast declared
That Bhakti Yoga towers over all !
Which happiness can rival
The Bliss that accrueth from Thee !
The devotee says I dont want Self Actualisation, but Thy Grace only !
Soyam khalu Indra lokam
Kamalaja Bhavanam
Yoga Siddhischa Hridya
Mam Kamkshye
Swayam anu patite
Moksha Soukhyepya Neeha !
Neither Indra's heaven
Nor the worlds of Brahma
Nor the Eightfold Siddhis
Nor even the Bliss
That accrueth from Self Actualisation
I desire Thy Grace only
Only Thy Grace !

In Bridal Mysticism, Bhakti Yoga, Self Actualisation takes place automatically. Bhaktir Nishramameva. There is no need to indulge in strenous Yogic exercises !


When Thy Name is on one's lips
What is the need of Meditation ?
With Bliss ineffable
With blissful tears streaming from one's eyes
With mind in high Ecstasy 
Isnt that mood Heaven ?

The Music which leads the constellations
Exists in all as Truth, even in the Atom !
Who is big, who is small ?
In this mighty Music, which is Being Knowledge Bliss !

Thara padhathe nayikkumee thalam
Satyamai thudippoo Paramanuvilum
Aru Valiyavan ? Aru Cheriyavan ?
Ee Satchitananda Sangeetha Melayil ?

....................... Aalapanam....

Paaril prasiddhamayi
Guruvayooril Vaanaroolum
Sree Krishna Yadukulesa
Nitya Jaya Mangalam.......

O Thou who rules Guruvayur
Famous and dextrous
Grant auspiciousness
O Lord of  the Yadava tribe !