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Dhanwantari is the incarnation of the Lord, as the Doctor of Doctors. Let us arouse this Master Doctor from His Sleep !.

The logic behind this is that Science is defined as a systematic study of Nature, Prakriti. Prakriti is infinitely wise in Her Wisdom. But Purusha, the Male Component of the Ultmate has full control and He, as the Lord of Prakriti, has the power to heal all diseases ( which are caused by Nature ).

Ashtanga Hridaya Mantrangal arulum Adi Dhanvantari !

O Lord of Medicine, who impart the great mantras of Ayur Science !

The Nelluvai Temple has been consecrated to His Manifestation as the Lord of Medicine.Sick people come here and do Meditation. The Deity is widely believed to cure illnessess and the Prasadam given here is made up of turmeric, curd etc, called Mukkidi Nivedyam.

Swargavathil Ekadasi is celebrated here, the 11th Lunation in the sidereal month of Sagittarius or Dhanus. Other famous events are Dhanwantari Sangeetolsavam and Panchavadya or Percussion Symphony.

The Dhanvantaric oath ( parallel to the Hippocratic Oath )

" I swear by Lord Dhanvantari, that aspect of the Lord, when He first revealed medical knowledge to mankind, that I shall fulfill this oath and covenant ".

Dhanvantari Mantra, which can be used for healing.

Dhvam Dhanvantaraye Sarvamaya Vinasanaya
Maha Vishnave Namah / Swaha

There is no body free from disease and may Bhagavan Dhanvantari heal our illnesses !

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Applying Ghee on Idol called Vennachartal and pudding made with milk, Pal Payasam are the main offerings here.

This famous temple is situated 21 kms from Guruvayur in the village of Nelluvai, Trichur Dist. Most of the astrologers and psychics recommend praying and meditating before the Lord of Ayurveda, here, in this magnificent temple !

In order to cure my mother's disease, I went and prayed at this temple. Offerings were made and her illnesses disappeared ! 

Bhagavan Dhanwantari told his disciples that the greatest quality is  Continence or Brahmacharya. 


He who takes in favorable foods 
He who is aware of consequences of action
He who has self control absolute
Patient, conquers all disease!

Nithyam Hithahara Vihara Sevi
Sameekshya Karee Vishayaksha Saktha
Dhatha Samasatya Para Kshamavan
Apthopa Sevee cha Bhavath Aroga


How strange is Thy Grace !

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,dhanwantari temple, nelluvai dhanwantari temple,

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,dhanwantari temple, nelluvai dhanwantari temple, thejopasana, sunlight therapy


Nelluvai is just 22 kms from Guruvayur. 


Nelluvai Sree Dhanvantari Temple

Nelluvai Temple Road

Nelluwaya, Kerala, 680 584  IN


A Dhanwantari Ayurveda Research Center and Hospital was opened on 01112006. The OP Dept is at the Kulappara building of the temple. Patients suffering from Arthritis, skin problems and mental problems come here. A 50 bed Hospital with I P Facility is proposed to be built.