Spiritual Tourism XIV - Heavens on Earth - 

The Kadampuzha Parvathi Temple


                   guruvayur,guruvayur temple,kadampuzha parvathi temple,,kadampuzha temple,                                                                   


She is the most beautiful of all goddesses. She has immense curative powers and rewards Her devotees in Her Bounty.

Mythology has it that Arjuna was praying for Pasupata Astra, when Lord Shiva and Parvathy came that way. There was a demon called Mookasura who was tormenting the people. Both Arjuna and Shiva killed the demon. There was a fight between Arjuna and Shiva, as both claimed to be the killers of the demon. Lord Shiva was wounded by the arrows from Arjuna. Parvathy got angry and cursed that all the arrows from Arjuna should be turned to flowers ! So one of the most famous offerings here is the Poomoodal, that is festooning the Deity with flowers ! 



I am the Universe and all these
There is Nothing Apart from Me

Sarvam Khalvidam Eva Aham
Nanyadasthi Sanathanam


Saith the Mother Divine in the Devi Bhagavatha. 

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,kadampuzha parvathi temple,,kadampuzha temple,

Another famous offering here is the Muttirakkal, that is bursting coconuts. For every suffering, this Muttirakkal can be done. For instance, if a student is not doing well in studies, Vidya Muttu is performed. For marriage, Vivaha Muttu and so on. Muttirakkal time is from 5 to 7 and Poomoodal from 9 to 11 AM. 



Thri Karthika, the Karthika Day of Scorpio or Vrischika, is widely celebrated here.  When the Moon tenants the constellation of the Pleiades. In Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated as Karthikai Deepam.


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,kadampuzha parvathi temple,,kadampuzha temple,

                            Karthika or Pleiades