Spiritual Tourism XVI - Heavens on Earth - 

Vadakkunnathan Siva Temple, Trichur                                                                                      



Lord Shiva is beloved to those who are philosophically inclined. The great Trichur Pooram, considered by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful sights in the world, takes place here.

This temple is known as Then Kailasam or the Abode of Lord Shiva in the South. Trichur is derived from TriSiva Perur, the big town of the Lord !

After retrieving Kerala from the sea, Sage Parasurama did his first consecration here. He requested the Lord to show him the proper place to build a temple and the Lord showed him this spot. This is a huge temple, surrounded by 18 acres of teakwood trees ( Thekkin Kadu ).

The parents of Sankara came to this Temple and prayed for a genius son. The Lord took incarnation as Bhagavan Sankara and wrote the famous Soundarya Lahari, a master treatise on Tantra Sastra, here.

When the great Vaishnavite  poet-Seer Poonthanam came here from Guruvayur, the Lord showed Himself as Vishnu and told him all gods are one and the same.

When Sankara came here, he extolled Lord Shiva, but could not walk up to the temple of Parvathy. Then a baby girl came and offered him a cup of milk. Sankara told her that he doesnt have the Sakthi ( strength ) to receive the cup. The baby girl told him thus " It is so because you have forgotten all about Sakthi ! ". Then Sankara realised his mistake and wrote the master treatise, the Soundarya Lahiri, extolling the Sacred Feminine, Shakti !

There are no big festivals in this temple, except that of Siva Ratri. During the Trichur Pooram, all other deities come here and pay tributes to the Lord.

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Q - What is Science ?
A - Science is systematised knowledge of Nature

Q - Systematised knowledge of Prakriti ?
A - Yes.

Q - Is everything known to Science ?
A - Not exactly.

Q What about this conflict between Science & Religion ? Darwin vs Pope ?
A This conflict arose in the West. It does not pertain to Indian Philosophy, whose view we are expounding.

Q - Why this conflict in the West ?
A - Charles Darwin, Julian Huxley et al attacked the dogmas of Christian Theology. " All dogmas belong to Theology" said Russell. They did not attack India's Scientific Philosophy !

Q - Allopathy is Science. Then where do Ayurveda & Yoga stand ?
A - Indian concept of Science is different from the Western. The Intuitive element plays a large part in Indian sciences. They can be called scientia intuitiva, intuitive sciences. Prakriti, undoubtedly, is divine. But Her lord is Purusha !

Q - Can Purusha heal which Prakriti cannot ?
A - Yes. So He is known as the Doctor of Doctors, Sree Vaidyanathaya Nama Sivaya !

Q - Do you know anywhere cures are affected ?
A - Yes, the Lord Siva Vadakkunnathan Temple. Devotees report amazing cures are effectuated.

Q - What about prosperity ?
A -  The shops around report a high level of prosperity, Daridra Dukha Dahanaya Nama Sivaya.

Q -  What about the Nava Graha Puja here ?
A -   It removes planetary afflictions and paves the way for the Actualisation of Potential.

Q - Why do people circumambulate the Temple /

A- It is considered a spiritual exercise. It is similar to the circumambulation around the Tiruvannamalai Hills in TN. 

In Intellectual  Mysticism, Jnana Yoga, Shivam means auspiciousness and is a characteristic of the Self. We are not the Ego. The EGO is only the false SELF. We are that Eternal Consciousness, the Everlasting Self !


I am not the Mind nor the Senses
Nor Ego, nor the senses ten
I am not the Elemental Five
Of the Nature of Consciosness, He am I !

Mano Buddyahamkara Chittani Naham
Na Karnam Na Jihva na cha ghrana netre
Na Vyoma Bhoomir na Thejo na Vayu
Chidananda Roopah Shivoham, Shivoham !


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The Nine Revolving Heavens


The Nine Planets of Astrology are all deities here. If there is some problem caused by Jupiter, Jupiter Puja is done. And so for all planets. The concept is that the Lord assumed the form of planets to dispense Karma to individuals, Jeevanam Karmaphalada Graha Roopi Janardana !


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The Thiruvathira festival, when the Moon  tenants the constellation of Aridra in the sidereal month of Sagittarius, is celebrated here. Also the Grand Night of Shiva, Shiva Ratri.


This is superb Malayalam poetry !

Ashtamangalyavum Naivilakkum
Pookkula choodiya Nelparayum
Vegamorukkuka Thozhimare
Parvathiye Ethirelkuvan !

In order to receive Sree Parvathy,
Mother of the Universe
Make arrangements celestial
With a Ghee Lamp and Ashta Mangalyam !

We dont know why
Our eyes became full of tears !

Enthukondu Arivila Kanna
Nin munnil en kannu niranjupoyee !

Even if Thou takest a thousand Incarnations
Arent Thou the Divine Child at Guruvayoor ?

I came tell Thee my problems
But before Thee I wept tears of Bliss !

I forgot all in Thy Smile
I, who came to tell Thee my sufferings !

Paribhavam Parayuvan Vannoo
Ninte Chiriyil njan ellam Marannoo !