Spiritual Tourism XVII - Heavens on Earth - 

The Poornathrayeesa Temple, Tripunithura



In Sanskrit Thrayee means Three and symbolises the Three Vedas, Rig, Sama and Yajur. Thrayee also refers to the Trinitarian Unity of Om, Tat and Sat. Or Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Thrayee symbolises  the Three Relative States, Waking, Dreaming and Dreamless Sleep, Swapna, Jagrata and Sushupti. Thrayee refers also to  the Three Attributes of Nature, Sattwas. Rajas and Tamas, as per the principle Thraigunya Vishaya Veda, Vedas are Threefold.

Thrayeesa means the Lord of the Triune Vedas and Poorna means Whole. The Holistic lord of all the Three Vedas is Poorna Thrayeesa.

This is a famous temple in Ernakulam Dist, which is 20  kms from Kochi Airport .  This temple is believed to be 5000 years old. 

The most famous festival is the Vrischika Utsavam, which takes place in the Holy Month of Vrischika or Scorpio. This Festival is of 8 days.

Mythology has it that during the Mahabharata days, Arjuna promised a Brahmin that he will save the Brahmin's child and if he was not able to do that, he will commit suicide. Unable to save the child, Arjuna was on the verge of committing suicide, when the Lord saved him by saving the child. Lord Krishna gave his idol to Arjuna and this idol came to be called Santhana Gopala Moorthy. This Idol is the central figure in the sanctum sanctorum. Arjuna gave it to Ganesha who came across this Poorna Thrayee Puram.  Ganesh wanted to establish Himself there, but Arjuna pushed him and installed the Santana Gopala Murthy there.

Since the Idol is that of Santana Moorthy, His devotees believe that the Deity can give Santana Aishwarya or Happiness via children. Children will be protected by His Grace !

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, sun, symbol of Absolute Self


I bow down to Him who breathes out the Veda
Remaining uninvolved, creates the Universe from Himself
And who is the cherished Goal
Of all the systems of Science !

Yasya Nisvasitham Veda
Yo Vedemyokhilam Jagath
Nirmamethamaham Vande
Vidya Theertha Maheswaram !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, poornathrayeesa temple, Tripunithura guruvayur,guruvayur temple, poornathrayeesa temple, Tripunithura

There are many festivals associated with this Temple, apart from Vrischika Utsavam.

Uthram Vilakku

This Festival is celebrated on the Uthram Day of Aquarius or Kumbha. This day is believed to be the birthdate of this Deity.

Moosari Utsavam

The Moosari or the metal smith who sculpted the Idol is revered and this Festival takes place on the First Eight Days of Simha or Leo.

Atha Chamayam

This festival takes place on the Sravana Day of Chingam or Leo. Tiger Dance or Pulikkali is performed then.

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, poornathrayeesa temple, Tripunithura ,sravana, alpha aquilae



The Buddhists call Reality Shoonya or Nihil, but to the Eternians it is
Poorna, the Absolute, the Whole. Poorna represents the infinite totality of
Fullness. There are only two Fullnesses, the Fullness of Fullness and the
Fullness of Emptiness ! Poornamada Poornamidam !

This is a lovely Malayalam poem, all four lines beginning with Poorna !

O Thou Who dwellest in Fullness !
In order to redeem Thy devotees
Thou reclineth in the Fullness of Fullness
And in the Fullness of the Heart !

Poornadi modhamodu Bhaktare raksha cheyvan
Poornalayathil amarunnoru Padmanabha !
Poorna pramodamaniunnee mano nabhassil
Poornathrayeesa ! Kaichodu Vilangeedenam !