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The Koodal Manikyam Temple, Irinjalakuda


                                                        guruvayur,guruvayur temple,irinjalakuda bharata temple, irinjalakuda koodal manikyam temple                                                                             

According to Hindu Philosophy, all deities are expressions of the One Ultimate Reality, Brahman. The Deity here is the brother of Lord Rama, Bharatha, known as Sangameshwara. Sangameshwara is a Sanskrit term meaning Koodal Manikkyam in Malayalam. 

Koodal means " Reunion " and Mythology has it that Rama, Sita and Lakshmana met Bharata here and hence the name. This is the only temple in India consecrated to Lord Bharata, who was Dharma Personified. 

Four Temples are dedicated to four major personalites of Ramayana, Lord Rama in Triprayar, Bharata in Irinjalakuda, Lakshmana in Moozhikulam and Shatrugna in Payammal. Darsan at these 4 Temples is considered highly auspicious. 

This temple's Sanctum Sanctorum is covered with copper plates. It is round shaped. Legend has it that Bharata was waiting for Lord Rama and then he heard from Hanuman that Rama had reached Ayodhya and the Deity is in His happiest mood here. A Temple with splendid architectural beauty, this is a Ninth century temple. It is surrounded by vast ponds, four in number. On the Eastern side, there is Kuttam Kulam and on the Western side, Kulpini Theertham. Legend and foklore says that Kulpini Maharshi performed severe penance here. 

This Temple is the center of temple arts like Ottam Thullal, Koodiyattam, Kathakali and Koothu. 



I am seated in the Hearts of All
I am Wisdom and all sciences
I am the Vedas Four
And I am the Goal of all

Sarvasya chaAham Hridhi Sannivishto
Matta Smriti Jnanam Apohanam Cha
Sarvaischa Vedair Aham eva Vedyo
Vedanta Kridveva mitheva chaham

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,irinjalakuda bharata temple, irinjalakuda koodal manikyam temple

The temples in Kerala perform five Pujas and conduct three Seevelis per day, in general. But here there are only three Pujas and Seevelis are performed only during the Arattu festival. 

The main offering here is the lotus garland or Thamaramala. It is generally believed that this offering can make the Deity shower His blessings on any project undertaken. 


  guruvayur,guruvayur temple,irinjalakuda bharata temple, irinjalakuda koodal manikyam temple

Today ( 09/05) Moon tenants the constellation of Delta Sagittari or Utharashada and is Pallivetta, the Day when the Deity goes hunting and tomorrow is the concluding Arattu at Lord Bharata Temple in Irinjalakuda. Bless us, O Lord,  Praseeda Devesha Jagannivasa !

The Arattu Festival is held for 10 days.  This event which starts after the famous Trichur Pooram, begins on Atham Day, when the Moon tenants the constellation of Delta Corvi  ( 1 May this year ) and ends on Sravana or Thiruvonam day ( Alpha Aquilae) ( 10th May this year ).

Seventeen caparisoned elephants take part in the parade. Two small baby elephants flank the Main Elephant carrying the Deity. Seven elephants wear Swarna Nettipattam ( headdress made up of pure gold ) and the rest ten elephants wear Velli Nettipattam ( headdress made of pure silver ). Sacred Music or Panchari Melam enliven the proceedings !

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,irinjalakuda bharata temple, irinjalakuda koodal manikyam templeguruvayur,guruvayur temple,irinjalakuda temple, koodal manickyam temple

                                                                                                                            Thula or Libra 

Another festival is the Tri Puthari in the sidereal month of Libra or Thula on a Sravana day. Newly harvested rice is cooked, offered to Deity and is distributed as Prasad to devotees. Next day Mukkidi, a special Ayurvedic mixture, is offered to Deity and distributed as Prasad.



The given photo is that of Four Temples

1) Lord Rama Temple at Triprayar
2) Lord Bharata Temple at Irinjalakuda
3) Lord Lakshmana Temple at Moozhikulam
4) Lord Shatrughna Temple at Payammal

All deities are Brahman, the Absolute and the Eternal Law is monotheistic.

Esoteric Symbolism behind Temples.

The outer wall of the Temple represents our gross physical body, Sthoola Sareera, the inner wall represents our subtle physical body, the Sookshma Sareera and the inmost wall represents our causal body, the Karana Sareera. And the Deity within is our own Self !

That is why a Yogi installed a Mirror in one Temple !

Am I a God then ?
Yes, in these pure features I behold
Creative Nature to Soul unfold !

Pakaroo Pakaroo Varadambikaye
Hridayangalil Nin Santhvana Mantram
Choriyoo Papa Vimochana Netram
Kadampuzha Sree Parvathi Janani

O Mother of Boons Divine
Impart Thy soothing Mantra to our Hearts
Let Thine Eyes which redeem from sins
Deliver us from all evil



The Four Temples, Nalambala Darshanam 


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