Spiritual Tourism XXI - Heavens on Earth- 

The Thiruvambady Lord Krishna Temple

                                                               guruvayur,guruvayur temple, thiruvambady lord krishna temple, thrissur pooram                                                             

That which protect  us from sorrows are Temples, Kshayath Thrayathe ithi Kshetrah.

Here in this temple, His Form is that of the Preserver, Lord Vishnu's  infant form, as Lord Krishna . Thiruvambady is one of the main temples and  along with Paramekkavu  gives the lead in the King of all Poorams, Trichur Pooram, which occurs when the Moon tenants Pooram or Delta Leonis !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, pubba, pooram, delta leonis

Pubba/ Pooram / Delta Leonis 


  guruvayur,guruvayur temple, My Grace


On the left of the sanctum sanctorum, there is the idol of Mother Divine. Legend has it that this idol was worshipped by Kachanappaaly couples. They were great devotees of the Mother Goddess at Kodungallor. They used to walk 40 kms, to have a glimpse of the Goddess at Kodungalloor. The Mother Divine, in Her compassion, came to this Temple and sat on the left of the Divine Child, to please Her devotees !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, thiruvambady lord krishna temple, thrissur pooram


As per Indian Philosophy, Purusha and Prakriti are the male and female components of the Ultimate. The Sanskrit poets symbolised them as Krishna and Radha and as Siva and Sakti. They are actually inseparable. How can Purusha exist  without Prakriti and vice versa ? So both are worshipped in Hinduism !


Know then that Being and Nature both
Hath no beginning
That all qualities
Are Nature born !

Prakritim Purushaschiava
Vidyanadi Ubhavapi
Vikaramscha Gunanamscha
Viddhi Prakriti Sambhavan


Dhruva or Polaris. The Fixed North Pole Star. He was immortalised by the Lord in Indian Mythology. The Lord made him an important star in the heavens, after seeing his devotion. " May you be immortalised ", said He. 

Rajyam chiram samanubhooya  Bhajaswa bhooya 

Sarvottaram Dhruva Padam Hi Nivritttiheenam !