Spiritual Tourism 23 - Heavens on Earth  

The Sabari Mala Lord Ayyappa Temple

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This is the fifth largest pilgrim center  in the world, with an estimated visits by  70 million pilgrims per year.

This Temple is on a high level, about 3000 feet high above mean sea level. It is situated on a hilltop, This Temple is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

East to the sanctum sanctorum is a temple dedicated to a Muslim fakir, Vavar and so Sabari Mala becomes a worldwide center for religious harmony.

This temple is open to all during

Mandala Kaalam, that is during the Vrischika Punya Masa, when Sun enters sidereal Scorpio

Makara Vilakku, when Sun enters Sidereal Capricorn

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, sabari mala lord ayyappa temple,sabari mala, capricorn

and Vishu, when Sun enters sidereal Aries.

Pilgrims observe 41 day fasting, abstaining from sex and alcohol to clean their minds, before embarking on a trip to Sabari Mala.


The Symbolism behind 18 Steps and Tat Tvam Asi

Tat Tvam Asi means That Art Thou. The 18 steps leading to the sanctum sanctorum represent 18 principles.

Prakriti - Nature

Mahat - Cosmic Intelligence

Ahamkara - Ego

The Five Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air

The five organs of perception, Jnanendriyas - Ear, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose. 

The five organs of action, Karmendriyas -  Pada ( feet ), Hasta ( hands ), Vag Indriya ( Sense of Speech),  Paya ( Anus ) and Upastha ( Genitalia ). 

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After climbing the 18 steps, the devotee is told that That Thou Art, That which you seek is YOU only !


There are actually 24 principles and Purusha is the Twenty Fifth !

Added to the 18 principles are 

The Five Subtle Essences of the Five Elements, Shabda ( Sound ), Sparsa ( Touch ),  Rasa ( Taste ) , Gandha ( Smell ) , Roopam ( Vision ) 

Heart Principle 


Purusha - the 25th Principle.


Prakriti Mahat Ahamkara Tanmatra Bhootan
Api Hridapi Dasakshee Purusha Pancha Vimsa


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, sabari mala lord ayyappa temple,sabari mala

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, sabari mala lord ayyappa temple,sabari mala


41 Days Vrata - Prelude to Yoga.

The Eighteen Commandments of  Lord Ayyappan.

1) Practise Universal Love.
2) Get up at Brahma Muhurta, 0430 AM, take bath, do Nama Japa
3) Speak the Truth, Sathyam Vada.
4) Do righteous deeds, Dharmam Chara.
5) Practise Brahmacharya
6) Abandon Alcohol
7) Dont cheat on business principles.
8) Pay off all debts.
9) Educate All, Forgive Ever.
10) Have Darshan, only if you have Vrata Shuddhi
11) Practise Meditaion
12)Hate None, Help Ever & Hurt Never
13) Achieve Vijithendriyathva, mastery of sense organs.
14) Practise Universal Brotherhood
15) Practise Universal Friendship.
16) Prepare for Kundalini Awakening.
17) Cultivate Purity of Heart.
18) Be a Yukta, united with the Divine.


One of the greatest scenes in Eternal Mythology. Lord Vishnu assumes the form of a tantalising temptress, Mohini, to seduce Lord Shiva and give birth to the Avatar of the Kali Yuga, Lord Ayyappa ! Great dance by Lakshmi.

I am that Beauty
Which cometh from the Churning
Of the mighty ocean, Palazhi !
I am that Art divine
Which wears feet bells,
Made of pure gold !

Palazhi kadanjeduthorazhakanu Njan
Kalil Kanchana chilambaniyum Kalayanu Njan !

Me the Fourteen Universes revere
Me, the Colorful is admired even by Seers !
Come to me,  O Great One
I will smear Thy Body with sandalwood !

Pathinalu lokangalku priya Mohini
Kandu munimaru mayangunna vara varnini