Spiritual Tourism XXIV - Heavens on Earth  

The Ettumanoor Siva Temple        

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, ettumanoo siva temple                                                               


That destructive aspect of  Lord Shiva is known as Kaala Bhairava or Aghora  and here in this temple, He sits in his fierce aspect as Aghora Moorthy ! 


That which is illumined in the Universal Mind
As Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
Is the Lord, the All Merciful, the All Wise
And is omnipotent, omniscient
The All Knower and Sole Knower
The All Ruler and Sole Ruler
Capable of boons great
Empowered to give Liberation !
Know that all this is illumined
In Mind Cosmic, through Nescience !

Yasmin yat prathibimbasyath
Bimba bhoothethi chet ithu
Sa Eeshwarya Samakhyata
Swasraya Njanavan Para
Sarvajna Sarva kartha cha
Sarvanugraha Karaka
Avidyayam thu  yat kinchil
Prathibimbam Nagadhipa !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, ettumanoo siva temple


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, yoga karmasu kousalam, excellence in action is yoga


The main festival in this Temple is during the Aridra day, when Moon tenants the constellation of Aridra or Betelgeuse. It occurs during the sidereal month of Aquarius or Kumbha.

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, ettumanoo siva temple

                                            Thiruvathira or Betelgeuse 


Great is the Wall painting of Pradosh Nrithya of the Lord. Pradosha occurs on the 13th Lunation, Thrayodasee and lasts for 90 minutes.

7.5 golden elephants, known as Ezhara Ponnana are put on display during the festival and lakhs   watch this event.

Legend has that a demon called Khara got three Lingas from the Lord. He installed the Linga held by his teeth at Kaduthuruthi, the one held in his right hand was consecrated at Vaikom and the one held in his left hand was consecrated at Ettumanoor. He became a deer and the Lord held him in his Hand and the place came to be known as Ettumanoor !

Lighting of lamps is the major worship at this Temple. A big lamp, ever glowing can be seen when you enter this temple. Devotees pour oil into this big lamp. A vessel is kept nearby, so that even if the lamp is full, devotees can pour oil into it. There is a legend associated with this. A bronze maker  had made a huge lamp and the temple authorities laughed at him saying that they cannot buy this lamp from his. So he pleaded with the Lord. A great storm shook the temple and the temple authorities bought this lamp from the bronze maker ! This lamps burns always before Deity !

Shivarathri, the Night of Lord Shiva, is also performed at this temple and it is a famouse festival, like in all Shiva temples !

guruvayur,guruvayur temple, ettumanoo siva temple