Spiritual Tourism XXV - Heavens on Earth 

The Vaikom Shiva Temple 



This is a huge temple and is part of the Trinity of Kaduthuruthy, Ettumanoor and Vaikom Siva temples. The aspect of Deity here is that of Annadana Prabhu, a giver of food. This is one of the oldest and largest of all Kerala Siva temples.

The main festival in this temple is the Vaikath Ashtami, which is performed on the Eighth Lunation in the Holy Month of Vrischika or Scorpio. The Night of Siva, Siva Ratri and Thiruvathira, which occurs when the Moon tenants Aridra, are also performed.

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Actually the Lord Siva has a Nirvana Roopam, that is the form of Formless Being, namameesha meeshana nirvana roopam. His nature is that of the Veda, which was heard in higher states of Consciousness, Srooyathe ithi Sruthi. He is all pervading, vibhum vyapakam sarva veda swaroopam. He is without attributes, nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam nireeham. And He resides in the Sky of Consciousness, chid ananda maakasha vasam !

But then the Indian mystics gave Him the form of the ellipsoid or Linga. Arunachala Hills resemble a Siva Linga, hence He is called Arunachaleswara !  Actually His name and form are name and form of the Nameless and the Formless !

Without attributes, without Action
Without fluctuations mental
Without emotions and without Form
Ever liberated, Absolute is He !

Nirguno nishkriyo nithyo
Nirvikalpo niranjanah
Nirvikaro nirakaro
Nithyor mukthosmi nirmalah

In all Shiva temples, you will find the figure of the sacred Bull or Nandi before the main Deity. This Bull represents our animal aspect. The symbolism is that we have to remove our animal aspect to have the Vision of the Lord !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple, kala kreeda, play by Time



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Have you heard about a Song regarding the Universal Dance? Did not Capra say " the Dancing Shiva is the Dancing Universe" ?
This is Musica Universalis or Music divine
Known as the Music of the Spheres !
Nrithyathi Nrithyathi Brahma padam
Nakshatra Nava graha Hamsa Padam
Ayiram Andakadahangal alayum
Ananthamam Ksheera pathathil
Shabdamay Roopamay Jeevanu Vidaran
Sahasradalangalay mizhi thurakkan
Vishva Shilpayude pichala chendayil
Vilanjoo pandee thalam
Thalam, ithu Adi Thalam
Dwani prathi dwanikal than pranava thalam
Nrithyathi Nrithyathi Brahma padam
Nakshatra Nava graha Hamsa Padam

In the infinite Milky Way
Containing thousands of stars
Manifesting eternally
As Sound, as Form
To blossom as the thousand petalled Lotus
The Music of the Spheres is on !
This is the Comic Dance
The dance of subatomic Matter !
Wherein the Lord Dances
His Dance of Eternity !
Veena venu Mridanga Ninandam
Viharathi Vidyadhara Geetham
Sarpaphana thirumudilkettu ulayum
Yaksha Kinnara Natana melam
Ashtadikpalakar kottum thudiyude 
Shristi Sthiti laya Thalam
Thalam Adi Thalam
Ithu Dhana dhanya prapancthin bhramana Talam
Full of divine melodies
It is Educational Music !
Pervading everywhere
Hence called Eternal Music, Sanatan Sangeeth !
This is the Adi Thala
The Srishti Sththi Laya Thala
The Thala of the Universe !
The Thala of orbital revolutions
The great Pranava
Pervading the Cosmos !
This is the Thala of Creation
Of Preservation and Destruction
In the drum of the Great Architect !