Spiritual Tourism XXX - Heavens on Earth - 

The Thiruvenkitachapathy Temple, Guruvayur                            

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The Symbolism behind the Epic Poem, the  Maha Bharata 

The two main enemies of man are Lust and Anger, Kama and Krodha. They are depicted allegorically as Duryodhana and Dussasana.

Know that Lust and Anger
Are the main foes of Mankind
They engender sins galore
Know them as Enemies

Kama esha Krodha esha
Rajo guna samuthbhava
Mahasano Mahapapatma
Vidheyam ive Vairinam


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,, thiruvenkitachalapathy temple guruvayur guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u, cosmic consciousness,  thiruvenkitachalapathy temple guruvayur


These three are to be renounced
For they can take us to Hell
Lust, Anger and Greed
So renounce these three !
Thrividham Narakasyekam
Dwaram Nasanamatmana
Kamam Krodham thada Lobham
Thasmat etat trayam thyajeth


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,, thiruvenkitachalapathy temple guruvayur

The main positive elements in Man are Truth, Dharma, Peace, Love and the Discriminative Intellect. They are depicted symbolically as the Five Pandavas.

We have said earlier that Arjuna is the symbol of the discriminative intellect or Prajna. There is a fierce inner war going in everybody's bosom. The solution to this problem is to Win the Mind !  Mano Jaya eva Maha Jaya.  True mental peace is Bliss, Manasvasthathaiva Ananda !

The Lord is the emblem of the Absolute Self, the Atman in us.

The negative elements in the human mind are the Kauravas !  Only after they are destroyed can we hope to get Self Actualisation ! The great struggle for supremacy is fought in us, between the Spirit and the Flesh, between the bipolarities of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Prosperity and Adversity ! 

May His Grace take us to Immortality or Self Realisation !



She is innocent and cute and cannot live without the Lord ! Another Meera !

Sung well by Sujatha and featuring Malavika. 

O Beloved of Gopis
And Stealer of ghee
Even though not Thy beloved Radha
I can make garlands !
Even though not Meera
I can sing Thy glories!

Bhakti is that state
Wherein there is no Vibhakti
Non-separation from Self
Who is the All in All !

If Thou wert sitting on mountain tops
I would have come as rains to bathe Thee !
May I become a calf
To be with Thee always !


O Mighty Mother of Thiruvenkidam
O Time Personified, Mother Kali,
We humbly pray before Thee
With traditional Pongala.

After Thou art covered in flowers
When Thy divine door opens
Expectantly, with love divine
We wait for Thee humbly !

O Amma ! O Mother of the Universe
O Tutelary Deity of Guruvayur !

Amme .......Jagadambike............................
Guruvayur Desathin Para Devate !

O Deity of the form of Mother
We fall at Thy Lotus Feet
And request humbly
To take care of us always !

As Thou art the Mother of Music
We shall offer Music as Naivedya
Grant us Thy Vision at Nirmalya
When Thou art festooned in turmeric !

In the moonlight of Makara
Thou indulged in Cosmic Dance
(The Dance of sub-atomic Matter)
Robed in thy costume, red silk
And armed with sword and feet bells !
O Destroyer of all evil
Protect us eternally !

O Amma ! O Mother of the Universe
O Tutelary Deity of Guruvayur !

Amme .......Jagadambike............................
Guruvayur Desathin Para Devate !