Spiritual Tourism XXXI - Heavens on Earth  

The Birthplace of Sankara, Kalady

           guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,kalady, birthplace of sankara                                                           


It was here Adviata Vedanta was born ! The birthplace of one of the greatest philosophers the world had ever known ! He preached a doctrine which is validated even by Modern Physics, that One Universal Substance makes  up the Universe.  Whatever be the term you give it,  Universal Matter, Universal Energy or Universal Being, it is the Same, the Same !

The Law of Conservation of Energy says that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The sum total energy in the Universe, therefore, is an absolute constant. The conserved quantities. It is One Unitary Whole, called by the philosophers as Brahman, the Absolute.

"It is not an Absolute which is non-relative, but an Absolute which takes Relativity in its embrace" averrs Aurobindo.

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,kalady, birthplace of sankara guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,kalady, birthplace of sankara

The Eternal Triad

The Relative Universe, Jagath
The  Relative Ego, Jiva
The Relative Supreme, Para

are merely the projections of the Universal Mind, which brings the Relative Universe into existence.



guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,kalady, birthplace of sankara


Neither the Big Bang Theory of Cosmology nor the Six Day Creationism of Theology are logical.  Creation ex Nihilo ! How can Everything come out of Nothing?  On the other hand, Vedanta Sastra postulates that there is no material creation, as matter can neither be created nor destroyed. However there is a mental creation and the Universe exists as a dream in the Universal Mind, Mayayam Bimbithasthwam !

To a Rishi in Cosmic Consciousness, the Universe is a projection of the Universal Mind, Maya Maya karyam Sarvam ! From the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, everything is internalised and externalised by Mind ! Mahat dehadi paryntham.

To the enlightened, all this is Non Being or Non Self , Asat idam Anatma Thathwam Viddhi.

To him who has awakened to Transcendence, the whole world is a mirage, like the blueness in the sky and water in the mirage ! The Universe in Absolute Self is a mirage, thvam marumaroochika kalpanam !

The Absolute Self is attributeless, actionless and eternal, nirguno nishkriyo nithyo. It is without  emotions and formless, nirvikaro nirakaro. It is ever liberated, eternally liberated, nithyor muktosmi Nirmalah !

Advaita Vedanta is a formidable system of Philosophy, authenticated by Old and New Physics ! All glory to Sankara !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,kalady, birthplace of sankara , moon phases


Kalady is a beautiful, rustic village near the River Periyar. It has been defined as a great center for Inspiration, Illumination, Revealation and Intuition, as it is near the Poorna River, which can purify Man !  A trip to Kalady can increase self control, love, tranquillity and other noble virtues. To those who seek Self Actualisation with a clear mind, a journey to Kalady can accelerate the process of Self Transformation !

The Sankara Temple was consecrated on the 12th Lunation in the  Waxing Moon Fortnight , Shukla Dwadasi, in 1910.  Another Temple was built for the Mother Divine, the Saradamba Temple.

The Temple complex attracts a large number of spiritual tourists, particularly during Sankara Jayanthi  which falls on the Fifth Lunation in the Waxing Moon Fortnight in the lunar month of Vaishakha, Vaishakha Shukla Panchami  and Navaratri. Sharad Navaratri is celebrated on the Sharad Season ( Thula and Vrischika ), in the Waxing Moon, Shukla Paksha, on the First Lunation or Prathama ! 

For spiritual solace and mental peace, people from all over the world  visit this spiritual spot.