Spiritual Tourism XXXII - Heavens on Earth  

The Chakkulath Kavu Devi Temple

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The Prikriti of Sankhya and the Maya of Vedanta became the Shakti or Devi of Tantra. She is the beginingless Universal Mind, which brought the Universe into existence  ( kayanaumeya sudhiaiva Maya Yada Jagath Sarvam idam prasooyathe ) and hence called the Mother of the Universe, Jagath Amba ! 

In the Epic poem, Ramayana, She is Seetha, the idol of Indian Motherhood. 


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,chakkulath kavu temple

Symbolism behind Ramayana

The Ego ( Ravana ) has ten heads.

They are

Lust ( Kama )
Anger ( Krodha )
Greed ( Moha)
Pride ( Mada )
Jealousy ( Matsarya )
Mind ( Manas )
Intellect ( Buddhi )
Processing Mind ( Chitta )
Ego ( Ahamkara )


The ten headed demon, Ravana, is the emblem of the Ego. Sita is Peace. Rama is the symbol of the Absolute Self and  Hanuman is Courage.

In the great inner war happening in the human bosom, between the conflicting powers of Good and Evil, Prosperity and Adversity, the Self is the Controller and only by His Grace can we ever hope to win !
The hidden foe lodged in the human breast
Man must overcome or miss his higher Fate
This is the inner war without escape    - Sri Aurobindo

The poets depicted this inner was as the Maha Bharata and the Ramayana, Iliad and Odyssey.  And they wrote mythological stories, highlighitng this war !
Let all the negative elements in us be destroyed  and may He bless us with Eternal Bliss !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,,chakkulath kavu temple

The day when the Moon tenants the constellation of the Pleiades or Karthika, is widely celebrated here as Pongala or Thri Karthika, in the Holy Month of Vrischika. It falls on Dec 15th in 2013.  This temple is in Alleppey District and is about 3000 years old. It is known as the Sabari Mala for women, like the Attukal Temple. The Tantric Image is that of Vana Durga, the Deity sporting in the forest. Naree Puja is another form of Worship. Naree means the feminine aspect of the Masculine Feminine Godhead or Ardha Nareeswara.  Jung said that Man is bisexual and this is the meaning behind the concept of Ardha Nareeshwara !


Om Nama Sivaya
Chandra Kala Dhara Sahridaya
Sandra Kala Poornodaya
Laya Nilaya !

O Thou who art blissful
In the Bliss of Thy Own Self !
Hail Thee, Embodiment of all Arts
O wearer of the Crescent !

Thy triune eyes
Are Past, Present and Future !
And Nature, Prakrithi
Danced along with Thee !