Spiritual Tourism XXXV - Heavens on Earth  -The Uthralikkavu Bhagavathy Temple

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Symbolic Meaning behind Bhagavathy


The Five Great Elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether are represented by Bhagavan.


Bha - Bhoomi, Earth

Ga - Gagan, Ether

Va - Vayu, Air

A - Agni, Fire

N - Neer, Water

In other words, He became the Five Elements, the same elements which constitute the Universe and us. His beloved consort is Bhagavathee !

She is the eternal Universal Mind which brought the Universe into being.

Formation, transformation
Eternal Mind's eternal recreation 

- Goethe


Everything is created by Her. All knowledge  and wisdom are Her knowledge and wisdom. All existence is Her existence. She is the Creatrix and the Generatrix. She is the energy in the blazing Sun. She takes millions of  forms and roams  the Universe. She upholds the Cosmos and is the Leading Divine Light, the generatrix of all Vedic sciences and arts. The six main sciences, the Veda Shaastras and the six auxiliary sciences, the Vedanga Saastras, flow out of Her Wisdom Body !  She gives Wealth to those who seek it and Wisdom to those who seek wisdom ! Without Her Grace, neither material prosperity nor spiritual salvation is possible !

She is Transcendence. She is Nescience. She is the Ultimate Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Absolute or Brahmajnana ! She is the Supramental Shakti, converting our obscure physical mentality into Her supramentality !


Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shive Sarvatha Sadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gauree
Narayani Namo Sthute
O Fair One ! Consort of the Lord
Bestower of all auspiciousness
Fulfiller of the wishes of all
Please take me under your care !
I prostrate before Thee !


The main festival here is the Pooram Festival, which occurs on Feb - Mar. Lakhs attend this festival. This temple is located in Wadakkancherry in Trichur Dist. 



Pahi Pahi Parvatha Nandini

Thava Pada Pankajam Vazhangunnen
Dehi Dehi Memudamparee
Pahi maam Bhuvaneswari
Save us O Universal Mother
We bow before Thee
Bestow Thy Grace on us
And Bliss Eternal !