Spiritual Tourism XXXVI - Heavens on Earth  -  The Muthuvara Siva Temple 

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One of the major festivals of this Temple, is the Day of the Installation of the Idol or Prathishta Dina, when Moon tenants the constellation of  Delta Scorpi, Anuradha in the sidereal month of Gemini or Mithuna.  Nine days before this Event the  Saptaha of Bhagavatha starts.

The Great Night of Siva is observed on the 15th day of the sidereal month of Aquarius or  Kumbha. 

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u,muthuvara siva temple,aquarius

Shivam means auspiciousness. " He am I, Sivoham, Shiva Swaroopoham, Soham" - all these were  statements made by the great when they reached  Cosmic Consciousness !


Here we give the first three verses of the Nirvana Dasakam by Bhagavan Sankara.

Na bhoomir na thoyam na thejo na vayu,
Na Kham nendriyam vaa na thesham samooha,
Anaikanthikathwath suspthyeka siddha,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.                   

Neither earth nor water am I
Nieither wind nor light
Sense organs no, ether no,
Nor a conglomeration of these
As they dont exist always
In states triune, waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep !
I am Self, I am Consciousness
What remains after Negation !
Na varna , na varnasramachara dharma,
Na me dharana dhyana yogadhayopi,
Anathmasrayo  aham mamadhya sahanath,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.                   

Caste nor caste rules am I
Not the stages of life either
Nor am I righteousness
Neither Meditation nor practice yogic
I am Shiva, I am Consciousness
What remains after Negation !

Na matha pitha vaa na deva na loka,
Na veda na yagna na theertham bruvanthi,
Sushupthou nirasthadhi soonyath makathwath,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.                   
I am neither father nor mother
Heavenly gods no, the earth no
Neither Vedas nor Fire
Or the sacred waters
Which exist in Waking state
I am Shiva, I am Consciousness
What remains after Negation !





Margazhi Masathin
Madaka Jyothisse
Maran ithu Ninte
Janmathare !

O Ravishing Effulgence of Margazhi ( Dhanus ) month
Today is Thy Birth Constellation Day 1