Spiritual Tourism XXXVII - Heavens on Earth - The Nenmara Devi Temple

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Absolute Being, Para Brahman, manifested as Absolute Space, Desa Brahman and as Absolute Time, Kala Brahman. Then It mixed with Light, Prakasha Brahman and Sound, Nada Brahman and the Five Elements and became the manifest Universe, His relative aspect ( Apara Brahman ) ! 

Absolute Being is He, Sah
Relative Being is She, Saa

This is the Brahman and Maya of Vedanta and the Prakriti and Purusha of Sankhya. 

Devi is She, the manifest Divinity of the Unmanifest.  


The Power of the Unmanifest
Is This Lady with Attributes Six
She is Devi,  She is Bhagavathee
And She deceives even the Wise !
So She is called in Sanskrit
As Maha Maya, Grand Illusion !

Jnaninam api chetamsi
Devee Bhagavathee his Sah
Baladakrshya Mohaya
Maha Maya Prayachathi.

The main festival here is when the Sun enters the 20th degree of Pisces or Meenam and is celebrated as Nenmara Vela. This is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala and lots of elephants take place in this Pooram !

guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u, nenmara devi temple

Belief in a Tutelary Deity is a must for those who seek Self Realisation, as the path to the Unmanifest is rugged and difficult.

Here are some verses from the Master Philosopher and Poet, Sankara. ( Nirvana Dasakam ).

Na jagranna me swapnako vaa sushupthi,
Ne viswo na vaa thaijasa pragnako vaa,
Avidhyathmakathwath trayanam thureeyam,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.                   

The triune states
Of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep
I am not !
Nor feelings earthly
Nor grandiose dreams
Nor the state of deep sleep
Am I !
They are products of Nescience
Avidya, which binds Man
To the sublunar world !
I am actually the Fourth
Transcendental Consciousness
I am Shiva, I am pure Consciousness
By whom all things be !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u, nenmara devi temple


Na sastha na sasthram na sishyo na siksha,
Na cha thwam, na cha aham na cha ayam prapancha,
Swaroopavabadhadhi vikalapa sahishnu,
Thadekovasishta Shiva kevaloham.       

I am not the Origin of Knowledge
Nor the Books of  Gnosis
Neither Guru nor disciple
Me, you or world I am not !
Self Realisation is different
I am Shiva, I am Consciousness
That which remains after Negation !


guruvayur,guruvayur temple,guruvayur4u, nenmara devi temple


The Oldest Esoteric Symbol. Commonly known as the Star of David , the Emblem of Judaism, this symbol is common in Yantras. Sri Yantra has 4 Shiva Trikonas ( triangles ) & 5 Shakti Trikonas. Totally 9 triangles !

This Hexagon or Six Pointed Star is known as Shanmugha in Sanskrit. The two major mantras - Aum and Hreem- are embodied in this esoteric emblem.

Consciousness and Force, Being and Becoming, Absolute and Relative, Infinite and Finite, the One and the Innumerable, the Formless and then a delirium of Forms  He and She, two in one, inseparable, Shiva shaktyatmakam viddhi Jagat etat Characharam.

This is the noblest, holiest and the greatest of all sciences. The most original Science of the human race which contains all the primitive mysteries of Science !