Spiritual Tourism XXXX1,   Heavens on Earth - Rayiranelloor Temple 

When the Sun enters the 180th degree, Libra, on Oct 17th, Thula Vishu
occurs. On this day, the great Yogi, Naranathu Bhrantan, received
Enlightenment in Jnana Yogic terms or had a Vision of the Divine Mother, in
Bhakti Yogic terms !. His story is inextricably linked with Kerala Culture !
He was one of the 12 Geniuses born to one lady, fathered by Vararuchi.


Thousands flock to this great Mountain,  to this Temple, to pay homage to
this Genius, on Thula Vishu Day !

Worldly people will think that the Yogi is a mad man. The Manike (
philosopher ) is like the Mantike ( madman ). This great man was called mad
by the world ! Born to Vararuchi and Panchami, he laughed at human Sisyphean
labor !

Ths is the  mountain where the Warrior Goddess, Durga Devi revealed Herself to the divinely
intoxicated Naranathu Bhrantan ! He saw Her swinging in a swing, oonjal. She
disappeared, leaving 9 imprints of Her Feet.

Cheiro called India ' the wonderful land of Mysticism" and this place should
be developed as a tourist spot ! How beauteous the green mountain looks !

This life is a bubble, flimsy, evanescent. Let it go the way of the bubble !
Look at Bhagavan's statement in the Gita " Anityam Asukham Lokam ", this
world is non-eternal and the source of unhappiness !

Pakkanar, his philosopher-brother, averred that love of money is the root cause of all evil.

Aiswaryam VIpadam Beejam
Njana prichanna Karanam
Mukti marg kudarascha
Bhaktischa vyayadhayitam.
The seed of Danger
The suppressor of Wisdom
Hindrance to Moksha
And ouster of Bhakti is Money!

Q - Who was Vararuchi ?

Vararuchi, one of the Nine Gems of Vikramaditya's Court, fathered 12
Geniuses via a lady.

Q - Who were they ?

Their names are

Mezhathol Agnihothri
Vaduthala Nair
Akavoor Chathan
Karaikkal Ammaiyar
Naranath Bhranthan

This Master made the Rayiranelloor Mountain as his dwelling place. 500 feet above sea level and width 300 acres. The footprints of the Warrior Goddess formed a pit and it was on this pit where Her Shrine was made later. The water level in the pit never went down, even in summer and the pit was a huge source of water ! So the priests never had to worry for water, for Pujas and Archanas.
We have this Temple on a flat land of about six hectares. Thousands flock to this place, from both Kerala and outside. Like the Sage, they also want to have Darshan of the Divine Mother on this auspicious, holy Day. People believe that the Mother Divine will bless them with many gifts like marriage, cure from illness, birth of children etc.


The main essence of this story is that there is no caste, creed or Religion and all the so called castes have a common ancestry.

Last year, 75000 visited this temple. This year it is expected to be more than one lakh !
One pilgrim said last year " There was a huge rush in the morning. The climb is becoming more popular". The Administration has made elaborate arrangements to ensure the safety of pilgrims this time.  
The Mother Divine had taught this Yogi the mysteries of existence and cause.
The Message
The Yogi used to roll up boulders to the peak of the hill, only to release them by mid noon. This symbolises the fate of people who had a practice of hoarding wealth.

Legend has it that Mother Kali appeared before Naranathu Bhrantan and told him to ask for any boon ! Bhrantan said " Please move the elephantiasis from my left leg to my right leg " !
What is Mysticism ? That which is never spoken ! Let the critics say why this crowd is there in the first place. We congratulate Surendra Krishna, the architect who built Naranath's statue.