Spiritual Tourism 42, Heavens on Earth - 

The Thirumandhankunnu  Kali Temple



Kalidasa  was initially a fool. One minister conspired against the King and made Kalidasa marry the Princess. The Princess, knowing that he was a layman, threw him out. Kalidasa took refuge in a Kali Temple. Mother Kali revealed Herself to him and wrote on his tongue the sacred Syllable AUM, which symbolises all the three relative states as well as the Fourth, Transcendental Consciousness ! Then Poetry and Philosophy flowed out of him. The stupefied Princess asked " Asthi Kaschith Vagvilasah? " ( From whence this eloquence? ). Mother Divine had made him one of the greatest poets the world had ever known.

In Jnana Yogic terms, his mind slipped into Transcendental Consciousness, thereby contacting the Self and from him arose the Fountain of Poesy !



This magnificent Temple is in Malappuram District. Legend has it that the King of Mandhata renounced worldly life and became a Yogi. He wanted the Ellipsoid Siva Linga to worship, as the Formless Brahman was difficult to contemplate. Lord Siva gave him the Linga at Kailas. Parvathy got furious, as She was very much attached to that Linga. She sent Kali to retrieve the Linga. Kali with her warriors,  went to get the Linga, but then they were held in abeyance by the Yogic powers of the King ! A truce was declared, Ganesh had come with Parvathy and we find that both Parvathy and Ganesh are the sub- deities, along with the Main Deity, Kali !

Thou art Intellect, by which all Saastras are intuited
Thou art the Surmounter of Difficulties, Durga
The Boat Divine to cross this ocean of worldliness
Thou art Prosperity Personified, Sree,
Thine Abode is in the Heart of the Lord
Thou art the Fairest One,
Who has established Herself
With the Lord of all Lords, Lord Shiva.
Medhasi Devi Vidhitakhila Saastra sara
Durgasi durga bhavasagara naurasanga,
Sri kaida bhari hridayaika krithadhivasa,
Gauri Thwameva sasi mouli kritha prathishta

The Annual Festival occurs on the day when Moon tenants Mrigasira constellation and when the Sun is in Meena.




Mangalya Puja

Devotees report amazing results and this is the most important Puja.Unmarried people book for this Puja, whicih is performed to Lord Ganesh,, with Appam, Ada, Payasam and Kadali fruits.