Spiritual Tourism 43 - Heavens on Earth - Thirumoozhikulam Lakshmana Temple  



Lord Lakshmana is the presiding Deity here. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu revealed Himself to a great Rishi, Harita. The Sage was meditating on the banks of the Poorna River ( Chalakudy River ), when he got the Revealation.  Thiru means divine and moozhi refers to the esoteric secrets which the Lord revealed. And so the place came to be called Thirumoozhikulam. 

This Temple is one of the Four Temples of Nalambala Darshanam and closely linked to Ramayana. The four idols, of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna, were found by some fishermen at Thriprayar and they were given to a landlord, Vakkay Kaimal. Kaimal had a dream in which the Lord instructed him to install the four idols at four different places. He did as directed

Rama at Thriprayar
Lakshmana at Thirumoozhikulam

Bharata at Irinjalakuda
Sathrughna at Payammal

Darshan of the Four Deities was considered as highly auspicious, during the Ramayana Month ( when the Sun's longitude is betwee 90 and 120 ). 

This Temple is located at about 40 kms from Ernakulam. 


The better half of Lakshmanan, Urmila Devi, is another huge attraction here. Lots of women devotees are brought here by Goddess Urmila, who was a symbol of Patience. She confers Mangalya Soubhagya, that is the Fortune of Marriage to many unmarried people. 

The Annual Festival of the Temple falls in Mesha, when the Sun's longitude is in between 0 and 30.


It begins when the Moon tenants Hasta constellation and ends when the Moon transits Thiruvonam constellation.