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The concept here is that of Lord Krishna milking the Upanishads ( cows ) to give us its quintessence, the Gita, Sarvopanishado Gavo Doktha Gopalanandana - Navaneeta Krishna. The Day of Consecration is on the Pooyam Day ( when Moon tenants Pushya ), in the month of sidereal Edavam ( and when the Sun tenants Taurus ).




One of the incarnations of the Lord, Sage Parasurama, did severe penance here and the place vibrated with positive energy. As the highest positive energy is Deity, the Divine Presence was felt ( and it remained in a dormant form ).

A native of the village felt the Presence. She observed that a milking cow went and stood in a particular place and from the udders of the cow a fountain of milk anointed and cleansed the area. She reported this to the King and the astrologers divined the Glorious Presence there. The King constructed a Temple and installed the idol of the Lord there, so that the fortunate natives can get the benefits of the Presence Divine !

As the cow indicated the Divine Presence, this place came to be known as Payyaruli ( Payya in Malayalam cow ).  The day to day worship was performed according to the principles of Tantra Sastra.



Situated at Nellaya, in Ottapalam Taluk of Palghat, this temple is 4000 years old  The concept of Navaneeta Gopal Moorhty means Butter Krishna ! Festivals like Ashtami Rohini ( the Birthday of the Lord ), Kuchela Day, Ramayana Month ( when Sun tenants Cancer ) & Nava Ratri Pooja are celebrated on a grand scale here.

Q - What is this State of Non-Recurrence in Eternal Philosophy, the Punar Avritti Rahitha Avastha ?

A - This is a very controversial question, because anti pagans do not believe in Rebirth. The subtle physical body, the Sookshma Sareera, leaves for the subtle physical Universe ( when the Silver Cord which binds the astral body to the physical is cut ). It is subject to recurrence of lives.

There are many elsewheres and the most proximate elsewhere, which borders our physical Universe and which resembles it with a greater intensity, is the Subtle Physical or the Astral Universe. ( Are they related to the Parallel Universes of Modern Physics ? ).

Saith the Lord

Those who learn the threefold Veds and drink the Soma wine
Purge sins; from Me they attain
Passage to Swarga; where the meals divine
Of great gods feed them in high Indra's Heaven
Paradise spent, they sink anew, Prince
Into the realm of flesh, where all things change !

- Sir Edwin Arnold, the Song Celestial, Holy Geeta.

E taḿ bhuktvā svarga-lokaḿ viśālaḿ
Kṣīṇe puṇye martya-lokaḿ viśanti
Evaḿ trayī-dharmam anuprapannā
Gatāgataḿ kāma-kāmā labhante.

It is Lady Karma, who determineth everything and what ye sow, ye reap becomes one's Fate. This recurrence is for those in Pitru Yana or the Lunar Path !

Q - Is this Non-Recurrence State Absorption in Brahman, the Absolute ?

A - Yes. The Lord told Dhruva that he will get that State of Non- Recurrence, padam hi Nivritti Heenam !

( Rajyam chiram samanu bhooya bhaja swabhooya
Sarvottaram Dhruva ! Padam hi Nivritti Heenam )

Thou shalt get powers, both eternal & temporal
Including that State of Non-Recurrence !

- Naraayaneeyam


What is Zero * Infinity ?

Any number into Zero is Zero
Any number into Infinity is Infinity

The answer is that it is a mathematical Indeterminate !

Buddhists call Reality Shoonya, Zero.
HIndus call Reality, Poorna, Infinity.

The First Science, the Science of Being, Vedanta Saastra, tells us to identify with the Macrocosm, the Brahmanda and never with Microcosm, the Pindanda !

Says the Guru to the Disciple.

Yatra Bhasayati Visvam
Kalpitam Rajju Sarpavat
Ananda Paramananda
Sa Bodhastam Sukhe Chara !

In Whom all this is illumined
Like Serpent which looks like Rope
That is Thee, Thyself, Bliss
Have that Cosmic Awareness !


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