Definition of Life Partner

This is the Indian concept of Woman - She is Seetha, She is Sathi, She is
Savitri !

Even though most of the poets had made derogatory remarks about women !

Frailty, thy name is woman - Shakespeare

Angusham illatha chapalyame
Mannil angane ennu vilikkunnu ninne njan

O Backboness Frailty, I call thee woman !

Narikal Narikal ! Vishva Vipathinte Naraya Verikal
Narakeeyagnikal !

Women ! Women ! Origin of all crises in the world !
Infernal torch bearers !

But the poet Scott differed radically from these views

When pain and anguish wring the brow
A good ministering angel thou !

Poets have dealt with the negative and the positive aspects of Women.

Viswashicheedam Vrikathine enkilum
Padilla Sodara Sthreeyam Mrigathine !

You can trust jackals
But never a woman !

But this poet has other views and extols the positive aspect.

The original verse is like this

Karyeshu Mantree
Karmeshu Dasee
Roopeshu Lakshmi
Kshamaya Dharithri

Sneheshu Mata
Sayaneshu Veshya
Sat karma Naree
Kula Dharma Patni

She is a minister, in all works,
A humble servant, in all deeds
In form, resembling Lakshmi
And patient as Mother Earth !

In love, a Mother
In bed, a whore
Such is the great
Woman called Wife !

No wonder the Indian poets said " O Woman, thou art divine, Naree thoo
Narayanee ".

Poets has also dealt with the negative aspect of Women.

Vivada sheelam Swayam artha chorineem
Paranukoolam Pathi Dosha Bhashineem
Agreshineem Anya Griha Praveshineem
Bharyam thyajel Putra Dasa prasoothika !

Argumentative, Plundering husband
Supporting others, Criticising life partner
Going to house of others, Critical and abusive
Even if she bears ten sons , renounce !