Awakening Hymns or Suprabhatams                          



I have derived Bliss by listening to these Suprabhatams and felt my Kundalini rise. May you get the same blissful experience !

I remember that in the Sai Summer Course I attended at Ernakulam, in 1975,  we used to get up at 0430 AM ( Brahma Muhurtha time, which is Sunrise - 96 minutes ) and chant Sai Suprabhatam. The verses became byheart as a result. 

This process opens up the Intuitive Mind ( whoever be your Tutelary Deity ). We know that all Deites are one, Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti. ( Indian Philosophy is so broadminded that you can believe in any Tutelary Deity or Ishta Devata).  But people are of different temperaments. Hence different Yogas have been prescribed. 

We are invoking the Divine Component in us and others during Suprabhatam.  "Arise O Divine Spark and do Thy Work Divine"  is the invocation ! Such an invocation early morning fills us with Positive Energy ! We think about the Universe and our role in the Universal Plan. From Science. we  end up in Philosophy ! 

We have selected 60 Awakening Hymns, for your bruised soul, bringing some selections from the Music of the Spheres ( selected by the Grand Organist ) ! Let the healing touch of Divinity work in us  and heal our thought-tortured brains and overworked bodies !

According to Analytical Psychology, the gods and goddesses of the Hindu/Greek pantheon are the Archetypes or different qualities in the human mind.  Hillman, the father of Archetypal Psychology, averred that Mythology is nothing but Psychology in ancient dress and vice versa !

The Absolute Self of Jnana Yoga has been given a Human Form by anthropomorphisation in Bhakti Yoga and it is our endeavor to arouse the Tutelary Deity from His Eternal Slumber !