Triune Diet or Traigunic Food



In Yoga and Ayurveda, Traigunic Food is food based on the triune attributes
of Nature - humanity ( Rajas ), divinity ( Sattwa ) & beastiality (
Thamas ).

All Knowledge is threefold, Traigunya Vishaya Veda.

Nature is the Sole Doer
Nature is Almighty
Everything is done by the three,
The three Gunas.

Prakrite Kriyamanani
Gunai Karmani Sarvashah
Ahamkara Vimoodatma
Karthaham ithi manyate

What is Sattwic Food ?

Food which fosters longevity
Health, strength, happiness
Tasty, soft, non decaying
Such diet is Sattwic called !

Ayu Satwa bala arogya
Sukha Preethi VIvardhana
Rasyah Snigdha Sthira Hridya
Aaharam Sattwika Priya.

What is Rajasic Food ?

Ahara rajasasyesta

Foods that are too bitter,
Hot and dry, pungent, salty
Too sour are relished
By those of Rajasic temparament !
Such diet is Rajasic called
And is the womb of disease and pain !

What is Tamasic Food ?

Yata-yamam gata-rasam
Puti paryusitam ca yat
Ucchistam api camedhyam
Bhojanam tamasa-priyam

Foods cooked prior
By three hours
Before eating
Tasteless, putrid, stale
Is relished by the ignorant
In whom Tamas predominate

These verses occur in Chapter 17 of the Gita. Verses 8, 9 and 10.

Sattwa generates happiness
Rajas tends to action
Wisdom is veiled by Tamas
Know triune nature !

Sattwam Sukhe Sanjayathi
Raja Karmani Bharatha
Jnanam Avrittyathu Tamah
Pramade Sanjayachyutha

The Legend of Prayangira Devi

A Goddess with the face of a lion, Pratyangira, was created to neutrallise the fury of Lord Narasihma.

There are many temples consecrated to this leonine Goddess. Pratyangira Mantra is very powerful, even more powerful than Sudarshana. P Mantra is advocated by astrologers, if the Sixth House Affliction ( House of Enemies vitiated by malefics ) is strong. Pratyangira Yantras and Homas are advocated as remedies for Satru Dosha.

Destruction of enemies will be slow under Sudarshana Energy, while Pratyangira's action will be rapid ! See the connection of Mythology, Astrology and Tantra ! Those who have studied Indian Philosophy averr that it is difficult to separate the 18 sciences from each other.

As I have a lot of enemies, I always invoke the Sudarshana Energy, because the obscure enemy who torments us is the builder of the force in us ! Let enemies be there, they teach us a lot, even though painfully !