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The Guruvayur Calendar gives the auspicious days, with planetary positions and lunations. Based on the Sidereal Zodiac, it gives the correct dates for all festivals.
Add 825 to the Malayalam Era and then you get the English Era. The Twelve Lunar Months ( Chaitradi Dwadasa Masas )  and the Twelve Solar Months ( Meshadi Saura Masas ) are highlighted in this Calendar. Gives the dates for Uttarayana, Dakshinayan, Vishu, Njattuvelas, Navaratri, Deevali and other festivals. 
The Kali Yuga started at 3102 BCE. ( 18 Feb 3102 BCE to be exact ). We are in the 3102 + 2016 = 5118  th year of Kali Yuga.
To get the Saka Era, minus 78 from the English Era. This year it is 1936, 78 years subtracted from 2016.
It is 5116th year of the Kali Yuga ( 3102+2106 = 5118). ( Unfortunately, India is a "secular" country following the Gregorian Christian Calendar ! In Thailand they follow the Buddhist Calendar . In the Buddhist C, we are in the 2559th year ( 2016+ 543, 543 BCE beng the date when Buddha attained Parinirvana) . In the Masonic Calendar we are in the 6016 th year ( 2016+4000) ). In the Jewish C, we are in the year 5778

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Njattu Velas are Solar Transits through the Sidereal Zodiac, the Sapta Vimsatmaka Jagath. A constellation is 13 deg 20 minutes in length and the Sun takes almost 14 days to transit a constellation. Aswathy Njattuvela meanst the Solar Transit of Aswathy and Thiruvathira Njattuvela means the Solar Transit of Betelgeuse or Aridra or Thiruvathira. Astro Meterology has been found, by observation, far more accurate than modern Meteorology, when it comes to predicting the weather. In Kerala, both Kala Varsha ( Solar Transit from the  15th degree of Taurus ) and Thula Varsha ( Solar Transit from the First Degree of Libra ), comes dot on time. 

Lunations are 12 degrees in length. Lm - Ls = D, that is the longitude of the Moon - long Sun = Thidhi.  Most of the Hindu festivals are based on Lunations, Vinayaka Chathurthi, Maha Navami, Vijaya Dasami et al.

The Lunar Months, the Chaitradi Chandra Masas are reckoned from the Equinoctial New Moon.

The Full Moon is called Poornima and New Moon, Amavasya.

The Twelve Solar Months, Meshadi Dwadasa Masas, are caused by Sun's transit of the Zodiac of Signs, the Dwadasa Rasyatmaka Jagath. 


The Sexagesimal ( 1/60 th  ) Division of Day & The Computation of Time ( Kala Nirnayah ) 

One Asu is 4 seconds and 6 such Asus constitute a Vinadi ( 24 seconds ). One Nadi is 60 Vinadis.  ( 24 minutes) . 60 such Nadis constitute a day of 24 Horas ( hours ), Chatur Vimshati Smrithah.  Or 15 degrees = 1 Hour. Ardha Rasi Bhaveth Hora.

Fifteen such Days constitute a Fortnight, Pancha Dasa Ahani Pakshah. There are two Fortnights, Bright Fortnight, Shukla Paksha and Dark Fortnight, Krishna Paksha ( Tad Shuklam Krishnas cha ). Thirty days make a month. Two such months constitute an Indian Season, Rithu. Tau Dau Rithu

Six such months constitute a Solstice, Shan Masa Ayanam Bhavathi. Only on two days do Night Duration equal Day Duration and they are Vishu and Thula Vishu. ( Yadha Mesha Tulayo Varthathe / Thada Ahoratranam Samanani Bhavanthi).

There are two Solstices, Winter and Summer. Tad Uttaram Dakshinam cha. The Southern Solstice, that is the southerly journey of the Sun is Dakshinayana( Karkyadi gathe shad ke Dakshinayanam uchyathe ) , as his Northerly journey or Northern Solstice is Uttarayana. ( Makara gathe shad ke Uttarayanam Uchyathe ). Twelve such solar months constitute a Solar Year, Samvatsara ( Dwadasa Masa Vatsara Smritha).  43,20000 such years constitute an Equinoctial Cycle, Chatur Yuga  and  1000 such Equinoctial Cycles or 4.32 billion years constitute a Cosmological Cycle, Brahma Kalpa ( Chatur Yuga Sahasram Indraharina dinam uchyathe) . A Super Cosmological Cycle, Brahma Span, Maha Manvantara,  is 100 years or 311.04 trillion years ! ( Source of Sanskrit definitions - The Maha Bhagavata ).

Thousand Equinoctial Cycles
Is one Day of Brahma
Same duration is  Night 
So the scholars averr !

Sahasra Yuga Paryantham
Aharyal Brahamano Vidu
Ratrim Yugah Sahasrantham
The Ahortra vido Janah

Here are some important dates.


Festival  Date


Makara Bharani      25012018
Makara Chova 16012018
Vivekananda Jayanti  08012018
Makara VIlakku  14012018
Thai Pooyam   31012018
Poontanam Day    21022018
Kumbha Bharani 22022018
Anayottam 27022018
Pallivetta  07032018
Arattu 09032018
Siva Ratri  13022018
Vishu 15042018


Ram Navami  25032018
Meena Bharani  21032018
Thrissur Pooram  25042018
Vaishakha Lunar Month  16042018
Sankara Jayanti  20042018
Narasimha Jayanti  28042018
Ramayana Masa  17072018
Karkitaka New Moon  11082018
Sree Krishna Jayanti  02092018
Vinayaka Chathurthi  13092018
Onam  25082018
Sree Narayana Guru Jayanti  27082018
Navarati  10102018
Ashtami  17102018
Navami  18102018
Dasami  19102018
Deepawali 06112018
Mandala Kala  17112018
Thriprayar Ekadasi  03122018
Guruvayur Ekadasi  19112018
Thri Karthika  23112018
Mithra Jayanti  25122018

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