Vedic Symbolism and the Rishies

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The Rishies averred that the greatest spiritual truths cannot be taught to man, save through allegory and symbol, myth and sacrament.
The Symbolism Behind Partha Sarathy, the Self as the Rider 
Chariot - Human body, Sareeram Ratham eva cha
Absolute Self - Rider, Atmanam Radhinam viddhi
Discriminative Intellect, Prajna - Arjuna, Buddhim thu Saradhim Viddhi
Five Horses - Five Senses, Indriyanam hayaneshu
The reins - Mind, Mana pragraham eva cha
Demons - the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, covetousness,  sloth and gluttony.,guruvayur,guruvayur temple, vedic symbolism

Atmanam Radhinam Viddhi
Sareeram Radham eva cha
Buddhim thu Saradhim Viddhi
Mana Pragraham eva cha

(Great  Upanishads )

The Absolute  Self is  represented by Lord Krishna and the Song Celestial or the Geetha is His Lamp, the Science of the Absolute and the Scripture on Yoga.  The 800 odd verses of Geeta are the revealations of the Almighty Self to the discriminative intellect in  us !
O Thou revealer of mysteries divine
Enlighten our needy hearts
Reveal to us all that is sacred
So that enemies of ours
Lust, greed, anger, jealousy
Sloth, covetousness, gluttony
Are destroyed by Thee
Maya Hathasthvam as Thou declared
And Divine Consciousness takes over !

If we follow His principles

Love All
Serve All
Hate None
Help Ever
Hurt Never

how can Divine Bliss elude us ?

Symbolism behind Ganesh

" Little Man's world ", averred Shakespeare. Man as Microcosm
copies the structure of the great Universe.  Great Literature and Poetry 
point out that Man is the Microcosm and the Universal  Principle, Universal  Energy,  Universal Matter or Universal Being,
 the Macrocosm !  Anu and Brihat, Pindanda and Brahmanda, Vyashti and Samashti in the Adi Sastra, the Vedanta Sastra !
Macrocosm is represented by the Elephant ( an animal  who is Bruhath ) and man is microcosm.
The  Rishies  depicted  this as an Elephant headed human form, the Elephant
symbolising the Macrocosm and Man, the  Microcosm. This is the Symbolism
behind Ganesh !

That which attracts maximum, Karshana ithi Krishnah, is the Almighty Self.

That which enchants the mind, Ramyathe ithi Ramah, is the Absolute Self. 

Holi is a festival celebrated on the Phalguna Poornima, during the Full Moon day of the lunar month of  Phalguna. It signifies the victory of Good over Evil, as the demoness Holika was burnt, Prahlada, the devotee was saved and the evil king, Hiranya Kasipu was punished ! 

Just compare the great Esoteric Wisdom which the Eternal Law, the Sanantana
Dharma represents and the noble  statements  of the "great scholar of
Hinduism", Wendy Doniger !

Wendy's ( and other scholars' in her mould ) understanding of Vedic Symbols !

"Holi [is] the spring carnival, when members of all castes mingle and let
down their hair, sprinkling one another with cascades of red powder and
liquid, symbolic of the blood that was probably used in past centuries. (the
now defunct Microsoft Encarta)"

"Krishna goads human beings into all sorts of murderous and self-destructive
behaviours such as war in order to relieve "mother Earth" of its burdensome
human population. (A lecture in 2000 entiteld The Complicity of God in the
Destruction of the Human Race)."

"Rama had a fear of following his sex-addict father Dasharatha's footsteps,
which made him betray his own sexuality, which in turn made him abandon

"The Bhagavad Gita is not as nice a book as some Americans think. Throughout
the Mahabharata ... Krishna goads human beings into all sorts of murderous
and self-destructive behaviors such as war.... The Gita is a dishonest
book ." (Quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 November, 2000)."

Decide for yourself which is Wisdom and which is Foolery !

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Karthika Deepam can be translated as the Lights of the Pleiades !

Vrischika Masathil Karthikayayee
Chakkulam Kavil Pongala...

Moon in Pleiades
When Sun tenants Scorpio
And Pongala for Mother Divine
Of Chakkulathu Kavu !