Happy Vyasa Jayanti. This Sacred Day occurs in the lunar month of Vaishakha in the bright fortnight.




Can you believe that a man can write 400 K verses ? Incredible ? That is what Vyasa did, earning him the name Veda Vyasa.
He wrote 18 mythological treatises.
The Eighteen treatises mythological
Are Markandeya, Padma, Brahma,
Lainga, Varaha, Skanda
Bhavishya, Naradeeya,
Vamana, Kurma, Matsya
Vaishnva, Saiva, Bhagavatha,
Agneya, Brahma Vaivartha
Garuda & Brahmanda





After writing some commentaries about Absolute Being, the impersonal aspect of Brahman, he was feeling miserable. Then Narada came along that way and he knew the reason behind the poet's misery. " You fool", he told Vyasa " you have not described the All Knowledgeable, All Wise" ! Then Vyasa knew his mistake, as he had dealt with the Impersonal Aspect of Godhead and had ignored the Personal Aspect !
He had written 17 mythological treatises so far and then he wrote the 18th Purana, the Maha Bhagavatha, comprising of 18 K verses.
The Epic Poem, the Maha Bharatha , which includes the Holy Geetha, was written by him.

The great war happening in the human bosom - between the conflicting forces of Good and Evil - was depicted by him as the great Maha Bharata War.


He symoblised the Five Positive Elements - Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Prajna - as the Five Pandavas and the negative elements like Lust, Greed, Anger et al as the innumerable Kauravas. Dussasana symbolises Lust and Duryodhana is emblematic of Anger. Only if the negative elements in the aspirant's mind are destroyed, can he hope for Self Actualisaton !
The Absolute Self was symbolised by him as Lord Krishna and it was His Grace which made the Five Positive Elements win the Titanic inner war !
The Holy Geetha begins with this Symbolism. Dharma Kshetra , the Field of Righteous War and Kurukshetra ,the Field of Action, is nothing but the Human Mind, and the stupendous inner war happening in our bosom is highlighted, Dharma Kshetre, Kuru Kshetre !




Today, as it is His Jayanti, we pay homage to one of the greatest Gurus, with an invocation to Mother Geetha ! 
O Sacred Geetha, Thou art our Mother
That which was revealed by the Absolute Self ( Krishna)
To the intellect discriminative ( Arjuna )
Composed by the Noble Poet, Vyasa
Extolled by sages divine,
Which occurs in the Epic Poem, Maha Bharata
O Expounder of Absolute Monism
O Mother resplendent with lustre divine
Comprising of Eighteen Chapters
Thou art the refuge of all !

Parthaya Prathibodhitham

Bhagavata Narayanena Swayam
Vyasena Grathitham
Purana Munina Madhye Maha Bharatam
Adviathamritha Varshineem Bhagavateem
Ashta Dasadhyayineem
Amba ! Tvam Anusandhadami
Bhagavat Geethe ! Bhava dveshineem

The Success Formula was given by him as the Integration of Theoretical Knowledge ( Krishna ) and Practical Brilliance ( Arjuna ), Yatra Yogeshwara Krishno / Yatra Partho Dhanur Dharah. If these great qualities unite, there will be Success Eternal, Tatra Sreer Vijayo Bhoothih !



Dialectics ( Thesis & Anti Thesis ) reign everywhere !

Should Knowledge be jealously guarded or imparted freely ?

There are two antithetical principles.

1) Vidya Danam Maha Daanam
Knowledge should be imparted to the deserving.

2) No, it may be plagiarised. Hence should not be given

Na deyam Para Sishyaya
Naasthikaya Shadaya cha
Datteyam Pratidinam Dukham
Jeevithe natra Samsaya.

Never ever give this
To disciples of others
To the arrogant
And to atheists !

Why one needs a Guru ?

Because by reading Philosophy/ Astrology / Mythology books, one can know only the exoteric meaning and not the esoteric. And it is the Guru who imparts the esoteric meaning, yahan Guru hai, Vahan Jnan hai !